Friday, 3 April 2015

Q1 Finish A Long 2015

Lately I do not feel like blogging so what a coincidence that one of the reasons therefore is the Q1 List. It is time to have a look at it and say some words.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

When I made my list at the beginning of the year I was totally sure I will finish at least two of the items on the list. One was for a swap and the other for my sons birthday. Only one did get finished till now ;(

Modern Irish Bee Quilt

I a feeling terrible about that. My month was in December 2014 and I asked all the ladies to please be fair and talk to me. I knew at that time most of us will not have time to make the blocks in December but I was hoping they will at least let me know when they might be finished. What a dissappointment! I am still missing most of the blocks and none of them was fair enough to write me a message! 

Modern Stitching Bee Quilt

This is an other long story and full of dissapointment too. I did not receive two blocks and to get an even number I prepared myself to make the blocks. It was a coincidence that someone offered me to make the blocks (I had already all the fabrics cut and ready to sew) if I make the blocks she does not want to make. I did make them but she neither came back to me when she might be finished nor did she give me back my precuts. I am terrible sad about that as I asked a million times to talk to me ...

Games of Thrones Quilt

This is the birthday quilt and it is my fault it is not done. The top is finished and I started quilting but we are waiting for the binding fabric as we both, my son and me, desided to go for a different one than we had planed. I love this quilt and am so proud how it looks so far but now it is to be patient to wait for the fabric to arrive

Big Fat Beauty Pillow

This was just burried under the Games of Thrones quilt and there it is still waiting for me.

Snowflake gloves

I did one of the gloves but it is to tight so I have to start it all over again. But in the meantime it got nice and warm so there was just no need to do so

Finally this one is done! It is already with its new owner who has the same name :) She loves it, she hung it up and I am so happy about that.

So this is my Q1! Not what I was expecting and maybe not a good posting after a long time absent but I did not want to be silent. I took part in bees and no matter what I only asked them to talk to me. I know life can be hard, cruel and unfair but I think it is rude just to let others make blocks and not making theirs. 


  1. Oh dear, you have been treated very unfairly in your Bees! Lack of communication is a particular bugbear of mine, there is no excuse for it these days! Still, I am pleased your Game of Thrones quilt is nearly there, can't wait to see it!

  2. I am sorry to hear your disappointment. Hope things get better from now!

  3. I think this is your Q2 list instead of Q1? Can you finish the big fat beauty first please i would love to see that one and you know why *wink and grin*

  4. I am so sorry you were let down Anneliese. Despite having December there is no excuse for not making when someone has made for you! I loved your block choice - I'd be happy to make you 2 more if it would help! My points weren't perfect so I think I could go again!