Monday, 28 April 2014

Back to school

The Easter break is over but thank goodness the sunshine is still here. So it was not so bad for the kids this morning going back to school. At least the girls had an other little something in the bag to make school more fun: a new pencil case! I finally knew what I wanted to make with some of the fussy cut blocks I received in the swap. The old pencil case is just is not that nice any more so I make one with the zip on the front (as Sarah shows in her tutorial).
I had to adap the size to the fussy cuts. For my older girl I just used the size of the two blocks together with a little stripe on the top. I think that is a perfect size for her. She only has some pencils and pens so no huge pouch needed.

If I remember right the ninja came with the fussy cut swap and the flut player was made by May jsut for me (not any more). My girl chose the blocks herself and I think they match her personality perfectly. She already made a little picture of the ninja today in school and also the little mushroom is back on the pencil case.

My little froggy got this pencil case with sheep inside. This time I used some linen to separate the blocks a little and I also put one of the sheep on the back. Just grey is a little to boring for a little girl. She was very proud of it and showed it already to the teacher and she loves it too. 
This is my first finish for the FAL Q2. Isn`t this great? After the horrible Q1 I can now really enjoy my trip to London. Hope the weather stays sunny the next days otherwise I have to go shopping much more! Have a great week ...

Friday, 25 April 2014

Keep going

Two more blocks done! Looks like the sewing motion is back for this week and I am back on track. I finished the blocks for Rebecca in the Modern Stitching Bee. She asked for x and + blocks. They look quite tricky but her tutorial is written so lovely that it was easy peasy and would have worked the first time (if I would read properly not only the tutorial also my notes where is written 5.5`` so cutting 5`` is so wrong). Anyhow she asked for saturated colors or fussy cut. I tried the fussy cut and took out the Japanese fabrics I got a while ago. What do you think?

She also wanted to have words so the pigeon came out again...

So now I am ready to go to London next week. I also have my first FAL Q2 finish but this is a story for an other day :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Catching up

Yesterday I had a look at the downloads on my laptop and I found a document called RTFM. You know that? I was so blocked that I had to open the file before I remembered what RTFM stands for --- Read The F*** Manual! This is exactly what I should have done before I made the bee blocks for Sarah! Today was the second time I tried to make these blocks and believe it or not, I had to rip the same seam for a million times until I knew what went wrong. It would have been so easy to just RTFM!

It did not look that wonky when in real but I might rip the seam and do it again

I am terrible late on Bee blocks at the moment and have only this week to catch up so I am ready to make some more tomorrow!

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Ok, the FAL Q1 was absolutely not successful (I did not finish even one of the projects I wanted to) so just forget it and start all over again. The next month might be not as stressful as the last three have been so there is a good chance I might have more success this time (to be honest, it can not be as worse as it has been)

Finish Along 2014

1.) still want to make these into a pillow

2.) I have an idea what to do with these blocks

3.) I have enough of them and just have to transform them into something. The plan is made, the template drawn so no more excuses

4.) I got a new embroidery book and am urgently waiting for the floss to arrive to get stitching...

5.) I want to make a wall hanging for the living room. I have the fabrics and the pattern selected so just need to go cutting and sewing (I am not sure if I am going to use all of them)

I think this is enough for me! I have a busy weekend ahead of me and a trip to London where I finally will have a look at Liberty and all the other gorgeous shops out there. So fingers crossed I will have more success this time and my plans come true ....