Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Catching up

Yesterday I had a look at the downloads on my laptop and I found a document called RTFM. You know that? I was so blocked that I had to open the file before I remembered what RTFM stands for --- Read The F*** Manual! This is exactly what I should have done before I made the bee blocks for Sarah! Today was the second time I tried to make these blocks and believe it or not, I had to rip the same seam for a million times until I knew what went wrong. It would have been so easy to just RTFM!

It did not look that wonky when in real but I might rip the seam and do it again

I am terrible late on Bee blocks at the moment and have only this week to catch up so I am ready to make some more tomorrow!


  1. So pretty though, She will be pleased with them!

  2. Seems to go that way sometimes. I had a tricky times with some blocks earlier this month and just couldn't get my head around them. In the end I had to leave them overnight and completely remake them. Your blocks look pretty now though.

  3. I think they look good! Love your fabrics especially the ladybugs!