Thursday, 18 December 2014

Getting insane

The last week was insane and it still drives me insane. To many curve balls in a short time and it is not over but I wanted to show you a making before Christmas.

It took some time to get this done but I am glad it turned out nicely! It is on its way to a new home and I hope she loves all the fussy cutting as much as I did. Now it is time to get the last presents and hopefully a tree :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Fairly Bucket Bag for my girl

It was not long ago the I spoted a cute bag on the SewMamaSew  blog. Last year I got myself a slightly thicker fabric with the London map and I knew this one would be perfect to make a bag. I chose different patterns since than but non really suited me but when I saw the Fairly Bucket Bag I knew that is the one.

On my trip to Belfast I had a stop in different craft shops and got myself eyelits for this bag. I was sure that I have rings in my stash and sliders but I could not find them anymore. Even running into the shop in town did not solve this problem. I used left overs from an other bag which I cut up and collected the usable parts.

I used one of those stoppers for the cord so I can really pull it tight and it stays there. I have lots of them from making an other bag ages ago. They came in handy today.

Do you ever change a pattern? I think I do this all the time and call it adapting the pattern to my use. There is a inside zip in the pattern but I wanted to have little pockets on the other one too. Just to put a phone or a pen in. I also added a magnetic button for the pocket. Just in case as I throw everything in the bag. The strip has one of those openers as well so I can take it off quite fast if I need to (I like to carry a bag diagonal over the chest)

This bag is really great and the tutorial is straight forward. It has a good size and with the two layers (I used two heavy fabrics and left the lining out) it has a good body. My girl came home from school and already took it for herself so I have to make the bag with the London fabrics again.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee December

Do you like beeing Queen in a bee? I love to do so. It is even more fun if you know some of the ladies and love their work. This month it the last one of the Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee and me cheeky monkey chose that month! I am so delighted to get an other wonderful quilt. I adore the one the ladies helped me make last year ...

Modern Irish Quilters Bee Quilt 2013

.. and I am so looking forward to see all the blocks arriving! It was a tough desicion but finally with a lot of help from Kathinca I made my choise and ask for these two wonderful blocks. They are slightly different in the center where the first one uses HSTs ...

... and the second one a fussy cut. The fussy cut can also be an applique or embroidery if someone wants to!

Aren't these amazing? I love them! This will be an other scrappy colorful quilt to adore in the house! If you want to know how to make those blocks head over to the Modern Irish Quilter blog! Have fun ladies and thank you so much!