Monday, 27 May 2013

Patchwork Please

It goes around in blogland there is a book called "Patchwork Please" released. It is lovely. Usually I do not like to buy books. Most have just one or two projects I like but this one just came handy. So I made this hexagon as a little Thank You gift for a swap ...

... and the pincushion (already on the way to his new home) ....

... and finally I made this pouch. Ok, this one was really tricky as it did not work as I wanted it to  be. When I first saw this beautiful one made by Hadlflyingblindonarocketcycle.blogspot.comey I wanted to have one as gorgeous as this one ...

But I am not so happy with flowery fabrics. So I started to search the stash and hoped to find lovely little gnomes and girls there. It was not easy as the squares are really small. I could find five little pictures I to use and so I started. I tried to use solids for the stars and the last scraps I had with text on to make the "white squares". As I do not have a huge stash and somehow - do not ask me what I was thinking when I ordered this - there was a brown linen to use. So I cut and sew the outer peaks of the stars but when I sew them to the rest it looked so awful that I ripped it of and threw them in the corner. The only problem: the solids I used where from a charm pack so there were not enough left to do the peaks again. I am sorry I could not stick to the pattern and just sew a blue border around ...

Finally I used bright yellow and orange for the inside and a vinyl with a zip. It did not work out so bad after all but it is not what I wanted it to be. So I decided to sent it to someone who might like it. This is an other UFO I am sending of so be aware it might land at your doorstep ....

So now I am waiting patiently until I hear her scream! I am really worried as some letters did not arrive the last time ... so please fly fast to your new home!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An other UFO finished ...

Oh I am so happy! It took ages or it just feels like but I finally can tell you it is done! It started a long time ago when I tried to crochet a cat for a friend. This was a total failure as I tried really hard to make the hair but no chance! I just could not make a suitable wig for this cutie. So I just gave the cat to Karin and asked her - I know she is perfect in crochet and making wigs - to finish it herself. Not really nice but she is brilliant and look how lovely it turned out ...

So when we met in summer she revenged. She gave me an absolute adorable granny smith blanket in my favorite color blue to turn it into a pillow myself.


It is in my To-Do-Box for almost a year and I had different ideas when I just took it out the last week to start finishing it. So I took some blue and white fabrics to frame the mini blanket. Unfortunately this grannies are really heavy so I stitched them on with perle cotton. It worked out fine and the batting gave it a little stabilization. 

I absolutely love it! I had to fill the cover with two cushions but it is a great size now. The crochet blanket lies flat on the fabric. I made a light blue border and added a dark blue binding to finish. The back is closed with a zip.

Thank you so much! I love it! So finally I can put this from my list at the Q2 Finish A Long. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fabric Basket Swap done ....

Finally I am done! I started an other project yesterday but when I tried to copy the pattern I failed. So I really need to copy the page 200% to cut the templates. But I do have enough swaps to do so I made the fabric basket for my partner. I already did the goodie some days ago...

... and now the basket is finished as well. I do not tell you what my partner wanted otherwise it is absolutely clear who it is. After a lot of drawing - or I what I think was drawing a basket - I selected the fabrics. You will see I fell in love for the text fabrics I bought for the Text Farbic Swap - oh yes an other swap! 

This one is a little different to the other one I made. There is no handles but I tried to make a hanger on the back. Just in case my partner could need it. It also has a pocket(s) in the front.

So now I am waiting if my partner is happy with this one. Otherwise I have to ask my girl if she wants to change. She was just not happy with the idea getting a surprise bag back she might not like because it is made for me!

Friday, 17 May 2013

SMS Give Away

I was not only taking part and giving away one of the triple zipper pouches I made I also won the gorgeous sun from Sheila. It was as the sun knew that there was this wall hanging arriving in my house and for the first day in weeks it was sunny and - you will not believe it - warm!

Isn't this gorgeous! I will hang it up tomorrow next to my sewing place (which is the kitchen table) so the sun will always shine for me when I am sewing. She also sent me a pincushion and a keyforb. This one is so lovely! I always wanted to have one. Thank you so much!

I also managed to make an other project out of the book "Patchwork Please!". I just copied the pattern this morning and was haven a look at my little stash. The advantage of being in a swap is to be the first to have some fabrics. Last week the fabrics for the "Text Fabric Swap" arrived and they are already cut and ready to go. I used one tiny piece from the left over to make this coaster

I am always surprised that these little tiny pieces work out really nice. I stitched a little with pink perle cotton.

I hope she will like it. It will be on the way soon as I was to late to post it today!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finish number two ...

I have a run! An other day and an other finish. Actually I hope the winter is gone but it is still freezing cold so I am happy tonight to use my new mittens.

Yes, this are the same as the others but they are a little shorter. So now I can go to Gaelic tonight except ...

.. they get stolen again!
So this is an other finish from my list for this quarter. Looks good so far. Just many more to do! The other thing I managed are the bee blocks for the Stash Bee. I am sure it is an easy block but I find it quite difficult to insert these stripes. I am happy they worked out fine and hope she likes them.

I also made the goodie for the fabric basket swap. Why not start from the back and make a lovely pincushion for someone I am sure has at least one. I heard you can never have to many pincushions.

 When I copied the pattern yesterday I really thought it is much to small and I never can make this tiny seams but it worked out fine. Even the linen was nice to turn. I hope she likes it and if not I have an other one for myself.


Somehow bloglovin told me I have to write this post so I can add my blog to my profile ... ok, so lets do it

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stash Bee Quilt finished

It was a long time ago when I asked the lovely ladies from Stash Bee to make me log cabin blocks. This was the start of an amazing journey. So this was what I was asking for:

After all that thinking and searching for quilts this was what I chose for my month. An easy block to make me my quilt. The ladies were really fast and the blocks arrived one after the other. Soon I could lay them out and make a little "picnic" ...

But this was the end! There was Christmas coming and New Year, swaps and more swaps and the blocks were still waiting to be finished. I had this quilt two times on my Finish A Long list until now! It is really finished.

I love all the colors and I am so happy there were at least 5 minutes sunshine to make a pic. It was not that easy as it is really windy and cold at the moment. Looks like no one told the sun it is May and it should be a little bit warmer.  A huge thank you to all the ladies from Hive #2. I so love this quilt!

I only quilted it along the blocks. I am so minimalistic but on the back I used a fleece to have a cosy blanket to snuggle in - it is still freezing cold here - and it is very hard with these elastic fabric on the back. The binding is scrappy as the whole quilt with stripes I just found in my stash.

So finally I have one quilt done this year and a finish for the QAL 2 Finish A Long 2013!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

SMS Winner

OMG! This give away rocks! I never ever thought that there will be that much response on my little pouch. I am totally overwhelmed! This is so amazing! Thank you so much for stepping by and leaving lovely comments. I am sorry I did not replay to everyone but be sure I read all the comments and I really enjoyed to hear about your holidays.

So Mr Random please tell me the winner ...

 ... and the winner is ..

Congratulation! As soon as you sent me your address the little pouch will travel to your house. I hope you love it.

Thank you all for stepping by and the little chats. It was great fun to be part of this amazing give away and I am sure I will take part the next time.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

I always adore it when this image starts popping up in blog world.

This is the first time I am in but what occasion can be better than this to give something away. I was never prepared and I was not this morning either when I saw the first posts about the give away ... BUT ... some weeks ago I joined the Tripple Zipper Along and I have one pouch left. So after a quick search in the box I found it. I would love to give this one to one lucky winner


The only thing to do is leave a comment and tell me where you go for your summer holidays (or maybe for winter holidays if you live on the other half).  I will ask Mr.Random somewhen on Friday 10th of May to tell me a lucky number. Take care that you leave your email to contact you if you are the lucky winner. Everyone is welcome.