Thursday, 18 December 2014

Getting insane

The last week was insane and it still drives me insane. To many curve balls in a short time and it is not over but I wanted to show you a making before Christmas.

It took some time to get this done but I am glad it turned out nicely! It is on its way to a new home and I hope she loves all the fussy cutting as much as I did. Now it is time to get the last presents and hopefully a tree :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Fairly Bucket Bag for my girl

It was not long ago the I spoted a cute bag on the SewMamaSew  blog. Last year I got myself a slightly thicker fabric with the London map and I knew this one would be perfect to make a bag. I chose different patterns since than but non really suited me but when I saw the Fairly Bucket Bag I knew that is the one.

On my trip to Belfast I had a stop in different craft shops and got myself eyelits for this bag. I was sure that I have rings in my stash and sliders but I could not find them anymore. Even running into the shop in town did not solve this problem. I used left overs from an other bag which I cut up and collected the usable parts.

I used one of those stoppers for the cord so I can really pull it tight and it stays there. I have lots of them from making an other bag ages ago. They came in handy today.

Do you ever change a pattern? I think I do this all the time and call it adapting the pattern to my use. There is a inside zip in the pattern but I wanted to have little pockets on the other one too. Just to put a phone or a pen in. I also added a magnetic button for the pocket. Just in case as I throw everything in the bag. The strip has one of those openers as well so I can take it off quite fast if I need to (I like to carry a bag diagonal over the chest)

This bag is really great and the tutorial is straight forward. It has a good size and with the two layers (I used two heavy fabrics and left the lining out) it has a good body. My girl came home from school and already took it for herself so I have to make the bag with the London fabrics again.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee December

Do you like beeing Queen in a bee? I love to do so. It is even more fun if you know some of the ladies and love their work. This month it the last one of the Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee and me cheeky monkey chose that month! I am so delighted to get an other wonderful quilt. I adore the one the ladies helped me make last year ...

Modern Irish Quilters Bee Quilt 2013

.. and I am so looking forward to see all the blocks arriving! It was a tough desicion but finally with a lot of help from Kathinca I made my choise and ask for these two wonderful blocks. They are slightly different in the center where the first one uses HSTs ...

... and the second one a fussy cut. The fussy cut can also be an applique or embroidery if someone wants to!

Aren't these amazing? I love them! This will be an other scrappy colorful quilt to adore in the house! If you want to know how to make those blocks head over to the Modern Irish Quilter blog! Have fun ladies and thank you so much!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Falling Hexagons

It was a long time ago that I wanted to make a quilt out of hexagons. I had many plans how to make it but it was only some weeks ago that I made the final desicion. At the end I changed my mind again but now it is done. I have my hexagon quilt!

Salthill, Galway
It took a long time to burry all the threads from quilting and my time table was totally a mess as I underestimated how this will take. I also removed the FMQ quilting I had done as a border. I did not like it at all. Not that it was my first try and it was just not good it also did not match all the straight lines with the curves.

I used pink and aqua varigated thread around the hexagons and a yellow to add a diagonal line. To emphasize the last line falling out I added straight line getting wider at the end using all three colors. This is the first time trying to add a picture with the quilting.

I am happy how the quilt came together. It will be a cosy fluffy one for the living room now when the days get colder. Therefore I used fleece which my girl chose for the back (now my sewing machine is pink too). It is a heavy and comfy quilt.

Waterwheel, Galway

I am so happy as this is my second finish on the FAL Q4 list. Only some more and I get the jackpot! Now I have to hurry and get on going on the pillow for the Irish Quilter Swap and I have to finish the tutorial for my bee block for December!

And linking  up with Finish It up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Feedback Wednesday ... part 3

Heute geht es in die letzte Runde von Feedback Wednesday. Es hat Spaß gemacht, daran teilzunehmen und ich habe einiges rund um meinen Blog erfahren. Es wird noch einige Zeit dauern, bis es Änderungen gibt (danke liebe Weihnachtsvorbereitungen), aber die eine oder andere Idee wird umgesetzt werden. Danke, daß ihr euch die Mühe gemacht habt, und in meinem Blog gestöbert habt.
Today is the last time me linking up with Feeback Wednesday. I have to thank everyone who took time to have a look at the blog and told me things I had either forgotten (what were I thinking when I started the blog) or did not see the way you do. It will take some time (thanks to Christmaspreparations) until you might see changes on the blog but I will be working on it soon.

Aber nun zum Teil 3 ... 
Nennt bitte je ein Thema. Egal ob aus Design, Inhalten, Schreibstil … Was gefällt euch besonders / was nicht. Oder fehlt euch irgendwas ganz furchtbar? Das wärs schon wieder. ;-)

But now it is time for part 3 ...
Tell me one theme (ie design, content, style, ...) that you like the most or one that you would be happy I drop. Is there anything you can happily miss?

Danke an alle, die mitmachen und viel Spass beim stöbern auf den anderen blogs!
Thanks to everyone who joins and have fun looking at the other blogs too!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mittens are done

I am delighted that I a long time UFO is done. The evenings are getting colder and the sund (if she is ever out these days) is gone in the early afternoon. This time I usually start knitting again and enjoy it a lot BUT there have been those mittens. I bought the pattern last year somewhen and started short after. It also did not take long and I put them to the side and so they were lefter there.

I did  not like them at all so I ripped them. I started new and really wanted to have them finished. I was challenged by Leonie this month as well so I sat down knitting. I love knitting but it was really hard to keep track on the pattern. I was lucky not to lose the line and only had to rip once and now they are done!


I am happy they are finished! It is done! I am not happy with the look but they will keep my fingers warm. I will put them in my bag so just in case the days get colder I am sorted. Thanks Leonie for the challenge! 

I am already working on a second (long time overdue) finish and "only" have to burry all the threads (I did not count them but there are quite a lot).  

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Feedback Wednesday: Design

Erstmal ein Danke, an die vielen lieben Kommentare letzte Woche. Ich hab mich irrsinnig gefreut. Am besten fand ich die Idee mit dem Übersetzer. Ich hab ihn einige male selbst ausprobiert und selten so gelacht! Danke!
Vor einigen Tagen habe ich eine email mit dem Thema für heute erhalten: Design! Umpf, war mein erster Gedanke dazu. Na gut, dann will ich mich mal der Realität stellen. Der Blog ist ursprünglich entstanden, um den Zurückgebliebenen in Österreich unsere neue Welt Irland näher zu bringen. Glaub davon habe ich mich in den letzten Jahren weit entfernt. Irgendwie war das klar, denn wer will schon dauernd vom selben lesen und da es hier nicht mal wirkliche Jahreszeiten gibt, sieht es auch immer gleich aus. Auf jeden Fall wurden immer mehr posts zum Nähen und dann quilten geschrieben und so gibt es nun nur noch ab und an etwas aus Irland zu berichten.
First of all I want to thank for the feedback last week. I was pleased reading all those comments. The best idea was adding the translater. I tried it the last days and I have to say: HILARIOUS! The translation made me laugh. Thank you! 
Some days ago I got an email telling me the next theme for the Feedback Wednesday: Design! My first thought was just umpf. Ok, I have to face reality. When I started the blog it was all about telling friends in Austria about our new life in Ireland. To be honest, who wants to read about the same stuff over and over again and even the surrounding looks kind of the same all over the year Anyways! Over the years it got less about the living and more about sewing and crafting. 

Es ist an der Zeit mich dem Thema Design zu stellen und euch zu fragen, was euch an dem Blog gefällt und auch um Kritik zu bitten. Es soll ja besser werden! Ab und zu "arbeite" ich an dem Layout aber zufrieden bin ich selbst nicht. Irgendwie habe ich mich bisher nicht der Herausforderung gestellt, aber es wird Zeit. Ich freu mich auf eure Kommentare was euch gefällt, aber auch was ihr ändern würdet, was ihr euch wünscht .... einfach was euch einfällt!
It is time to have a closer look at the design of the blog. Every now and than I try to change it a little, clean it from different icons I collected but it is still not the look I want to have. I appreciate your feedback and help me to get the blog sorted. Tell me what you like or disklike, what you would like to be changed, what you miss, ... I want to know everything. 

Wer heute wieder bei Susannes Aktion mit dabei ist, seht ihr hier unten.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Scrappy Tuesday

Last time I used my last bits of scull fabric to finish the pj bottom from my son. I have to commit the scrap was a little bigger than the ones you can find in my box. I promised the next time I will show you a tiny scrap project I am working on.

Scraptastic Tuesday

I am going to make a pillow again. I am using rainbow scraps to make stars. The center star is going to be yellow and red, green, blue and what else I can find will be arranged in a cirle around. To get the measurements right the hexagon and the triangles have a side length of 1.5''. These are quite tiny.

I did not count the triangles needed so far. I will use whitish farbics and low volume to keep it not to busy with all those tiny pieces. The scraps for the red star are already out so no more excuses!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Modern Irish Bee Blocks November

I promised I show you my finished swap item for the "Swappen auf Deutsch" today but somehow the scheduled post did not go out. It was also announced today that the shipping date is postponed for an other week so I thought it might be better to wait some more days. I do not want to tell you to early about the item I made.

An other think I managed to make this week were my last Bee Blocks for the Modern Irish Bee. Some of you might think now the bee is not over until the end of the year. You are right but a long time ago when we chose our month I chose December. So yes, I sent out my last bee blocks on Friday. Anna asked for Friendship Circles in rainbow colors. She had a great tutorial written and the squares came together easily.

I had to read the pressing instruction at least two times for the block A but when assembling A, B and center it made sense. I also had to use my cheeky hippos again and hope she loves them too. This will be a bright and colorful quilt.

They are on the way and now I get ready to write my instructions for December!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Swappen auf Deutsch

I love swaps and it is always a lot of fun to take part. This is my first time to participate in the "Swappen auf Deutsch" and it was/is great fun. There are so many talented ladies in this group that it is a pleasure to watch the progress.

Hating that moment being finished and someone asking "is this meant to be like that?" pointing out a mistake. Fixed and ready for quilting if my Partner likes it. #swappen

The swap is still not finished but there is so much coming up the next weeks so I had a "quick" go on this one. No, it was not that straight forward. I made a lot of silly mistakes that had cost a lot of time (sewing the binding to the inside for example) but I made it. One thing my partner wanted was color, so no boring monocromatic pillow or bag. I digged deep into my stash and tried to use all different scraps. I hope she is happy with me using lots of grey on the background to keep it calm. 

Ready to stitch the binding tonight at chess. #swappenaufdeutsch

The final border around is made out of linen. The quilting was lots of fun. I used 4 different colors in 8 sections. The center and the border I left free of quilting. I like a little bit of fluffyness.

The glasses attrected the most people commenting and I am glad I put this little bit of cheekyness in. i think I can reveal the secret that I made a pillow for my partner. For the back I used the envelope method using the same linen I had at the front. I am still not sure if you can make this out of one fabric (single layer) or double it (two layers) but as I put the left over HST in the upper part I anyway needed an other layer to hide the seams. I only did some straight line quilting to keep it the HST in place.

Sometimes I forget to think like stitching down the binding per hand is actually really not a good idea so after 2 hours I sat down on the machine again to secure it. I love the red border and lucky me the thread I got at the Irish Retreat matched perfectly! Thanks again for the goody bag.

I can keep this pillow for an other week until it is travelling into its new home. I hope my partner will be happy with it. It was a great pleasure to make this for a special person!

Pattern: "Big Fat Beauty"
Size: 19'' square
Fabric: scraps in rainbow color

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Belfast Part 2

Ein herzliches Danke für die lieben Kommentare auf den letzen Blogpost. Ich habe mich wirklich sehr darüber gefreut. Schön, dass ihr meinem englisch folgen könnt und ich werde mir den Tip mit dem Translator zu Herzen nehmen. Dass ich aufgehört habe auf deutsch zu schreiben hatte den einfachen Grund, dass die Blogposts dann immer so lang wurden und wer mag schon gerne Seiten über Seiten lesen ;)

First of all I want to say Thank you to all those who left motivating comments on the last post. If you did  not comment just have a look and help me improve and write a blog you can enjoy! One suggestion was to write in German again. The reason I stopped that was just that the posts were going incredible long and who wants to read pages!

Titanic Belfast
Ein Grund für die Reise nach Belfast war natürlich die Titanic. Mein Sohn hat in der dritten Klasse schon einiges darüber gelernt und nicht nur die Filmindustrie findet das Thema faszinierend. Wir haben vorab Tickets für die Besichtigung gebucht und auch gleich noch eine Führung dazu. Das Gebäude im Hintergrund befindet sich in den Docks der Titanic und auf der rechten Seite sind noch die ursprünglichen Bürogebäude, wobei wenn ich es richtig im Kopf habe, nur noch eins wirklich in Verwendung ist. Eines der Gebäude konnten wir im Zuge der Führung genauer betrachten. Leider ist es in keinem wirklich guten Zustand mehr, aber die Pläne zur Restaurierung sind schon vorhanden.

One of the reasons to go to Belfast was the Titanic. My son learned about it in third class and not only the filmindustry finds it faszinating. We had already our tickets booked and to get the most out of it we chose to take a tour. The Titanic building in the back is build in the old docks where this ship really was build. On the right there are still the old office buildings and if I remember it right it is only one that is still in use. We were able to have a look in one of the former drawing rooms and offices but unfortunately the building is quite in bad state.

offices and drawing rooms
Hinter dem Hauptgeäude befinden sich die Docks. Nicht wirklich, dann Schiff kann man hier keines mehr bauen, allerdings zeigen die Schienen am Boden und Metallstangen, wo die Titanic ursprünglich ihre Form erhalten hat. Um sich die Grösse dieses Schiffes besser vorstellen zu können, sind die Stangen in den Boden eingelassen und geben die Höhe. In den Boden ist das Deck der Titanic eingraviert. Zu der rechten der Titanic wurde die Olympic gebaut. An Stelle ihres Decks sind dort Gras- und Holzflächen angebracht. Jede steht für eine Klasse an Bord der Titanic und das Personal wobei jeweils ein Streifen für die Überlebenden steht und der andere Streifen für die Verstorbenen.

Behind the exhibition building are the docks. Actually they are not docks any more but there are wooden sticks that show where the Titanic and the Olympic were build. The rail tracks are still there. On the side of the Titanic the deck is drawn on the ground to get a feeling how huge this ship has been. On the side of the Olympic stripes of gras and timber give an impression how many people of each class including the workers died.

Weiter ging es dann im Gebäude. Unmengen and Austellungsstücken und Videos befinden sich auf den drei Stockwerken. Es gibt viel zu lernen, aber die Geschichte der Titanic ist im Grunde einfach nur traurig. Es ist schwer all die Eindrücke aufzunehmen. Der Besuch der Titanic ist mit so vielen Kleinigkeiten zu einem Erlebnis geworden.

Our last stop was in the building with the exhibition. There are so many pieces to be seen, videos to be watched, games to be played that we have been absolutely exhaustet at the end. There is so much so learn and so many impressions that it is really hard to get it all in. The history of the Titanic is so sad but it is an adventure walking around on those grounds. There are so many details put in the building and around! 

compass in the hall 
Den restlichen Tag haben wir mit spazieren und shoppen in Belfast verbracht. Das Wetter war so wunderbar und lud wirklich zum promenieren ein. Am Ende taten uns allen die Beine weh und wir waren froh, ins Bett zu fallen!

The rest of the day we were walking around in beautiful sunshine and did a little shopping. We were so lucky and it was even warm. At the end of the day we were happy to fall into bed.

Nächstes Mal zeich euch meinen Beitrag zu Swappen auf Deutsch! Man mag es kaum glauben, aber ich hatte echt Schwierigkeiten meine Anmeldung auf deutsch zu schreiben.

Next time I am going to show you my goody I made for the "Swappen auf Deusch" Swap. It it hard to believe but I really had troubles writing my wishes in German.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Feedback Wednesday

Heute morgen habe ich auf Annelieses blog die "Magic 5" gefunden und ich finde die Idee toll. Ich liebe die Naehgemeinschaft, denn bis auf wenige Ausnahmen wird man motiviert und gelobt. Normalerweise schreibe ich in den letzten Monaten nur noch auf Englisch, aber heute werde ich mal wieder zweisprachig den post zu veroeffentlichen, damit auch jeder mitmachen kann :)
I just found on Annelieses blog today the magic 5. I am not sure but most of my readers nowadays are speeking English. It happens rarely but I will be double writing today so everyone can join!

Worum es geht wird auf dem blog so toll erklaert, dass ich es einfach mal kopiere:
Wir geben einander Feedback!
Nicht wild und durcheinander irgendwie. Nicht böse. Nicht inhaltsfrei. Nein. Gezielt. Es gibt 3 Wochen lange jeden Mittwoch eine Frage/ein Thema. Und wer dann kommentiert und mitmacht, gibt damit quasi Entwicklungsnahrung.
What is it all about? We are looking for feedback. The next 5 weeks there will be a question asked on the blog for others to answer. The feedback should help us understand how others see the blog and help to understand.

Frage 1:
Fünf Eigenschaftswörter, die euch ganz spontan zu meinem Blog einfallen. Einfach so. 
Fallen euch nur vier Worte ein, so ist das auch in Ordnung, kein Stress.
Es geht darum, dass wir insgesamt am Ende des Tages ein paar ehrliche Eindrücke von außen bekommen.
Question 1:
5 adjectives, which come straight into your mind. Just now! If there only pop up just 4 that is fine, if there are less, don't worry! Don't stress yourself! At the end of the day I would be delighted to get have some feedback and get a better understanding how you see myself.

Linking up with Feedback Wednesday

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Flying Geese Bee

Not a long time ago Kat asked if we know a Bee and about our experience. We all had good and bad things to tell about Bees and how to find one but somehow it ended all different. Some of us liked the idea of a flying geese quilt and so she just opened a Flying Geese Bee. This bee is totally differnt to the ones I did till now. First of all we are all together in one group and second we do only have one deadline: 1st October 2015! Right, there is no monthly deadline! We can sew whenever we want and send them when we are finished. There is one more rule: the block has to include flying geese. I did already start drawing weeks ago and Kat was so nice to check my measurements. I am asking for 4 quarters of my block.

I am aksing the ladies to make me four of those blocks each in one color and with Low Volume as background. I send out a paper template for the ones who want to do paper piecing and an instructions including measurements for the others. Today I just used the midterm break to test some blocks for the others. Three of the ladies are asking for "Geese in the Forest". This is my first block for May. She asked for purple and emerald on a white(ish) background.

This will be an amazing quilt. Each of the blocks measure 6'' and I think she is planing on 100 blocks. With our help there will still be a lot of work for her to do.
An other block I tried today was for Kat. She chose the Remixed Geese Pattern. We were emailing the last days like mad talking about fabris and I know she fell in love with my red safety pin fabric (if anyone knows where to get more I would appreciate it as I am sad this fabric is all used up now). She allowed me to go crazy and there was only one rule: no spiders! Oh I would have had so cute Halloween fabrics!

I had great fun making them. First I used my loved safety pin fabric to pin the sheep. Can you see them playing hide and seek as well? Or is it catch me? I just love them. A little bit more fun gave the pigeon fabric (Don't let the pigeon drive the bus). I love her speech bubbles. Last one for today I used my words fabric which I think is perfect. I tried to fussy cut the words: wisch, love, giggle and the heart. I am sure this will be such a fun quilt

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Modern Irish Bee October

I can not believe it is almost November and there are only two month left in this bee. It is so much fun to sew with the Irish Quilters. There have been a lot of ideas this year which I am sure I would never have made without these lovely ladies. October was Tomomis month and she chose bookshelf blocks. She was very kind and only asked for books in order (no messy shelf). We only had to sort the books keeping them all tidy in one section. It is hard in my stash to not make a children books area but I found enough fabrics for an animal section and a travel shelf.

Modern irish bee November

These were fun to make. Today my girl was helping me to arrange the books. I hope Tomomi will have fun with her book shelf quilt. I have seen so many gorgeous books popping up.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Test PJs

Some days ago I already made the PJ bottoms and the children love them. The ones for my girl were fine while the one for my little one was to big. Yesterday I used the half morning to get ready and cut lots of fabrics. The plan was to make the bottoms for my little girl in the fabric she chose in Austria and my son also wanted one. What a surprise he wanted me to sew something. Additonal I wanted to make the test run for the top.

Early in the morning after breakfast I started to set up the sewing machine and getting ready to sew. Sewing jersey is really not one of my favorites and I have to say even if there are only a handful of seams  on the bottoms I was delighted when it was done. I used an overlock stitch from my sewing machine and it is terrible slow. Absolutely boring!

I had some black and white jersey in my stash from ages ago but it is super soft. I already made my son a top out of that fabric and I love it. To add a little extra I used some of the leftover sculls from his quilt. I love how the sculls finish the leg and the cotton gives it a little more structure as well.

After the boring part the fun could start. I desided to make the tops for the girls paralell. There was not much time left until the school finishes so time management was important. I did lots of pinning so I could press the pedal a little harder and speed through the seams. When my little girl came from school I was almost finished. Only two seams!

top with red sleves for my girl
With the sewing machine still on the table and making pancakes I tried to add the last elastic bands measuring on the children while wearing the pants and tops. After an other 30 minutes it was done! Two trial tops and two bottoms finished! And guess what!? They are already taken to be tested for sleep!

top with pink sleves for my little one matching the trouser
You do not need always tiny scraps to go scrappy. Sometimes an unwanted fabric can be  the perfect scrap to use to test a pattern or if the fabric is a little short to lengthen it. I am glad the children love their new pjs and it will be a pleasure to make the tops with the treasure they got in Austria. I am glad the fabric for the top is finally all used and no longer hiding in the corner. Linking up with Nicky and Leanne!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

long time promise

Did you ever the last month recognise that you made something and when you want to put it on the list which is long overdue you can not find it on the blog? How could this happen? So let's start in the beginning. I made a pillow for my little girl for school - yes, they want to sit comfy too - but she was disappointed because a) an other girl had a much bigger one and b) I made a huge cushion for her sister (and brother) already and she wanted one as well!

I had a great helper for this project and I love to take my girl with me when selecting fabrics. She is the best and it was a lovely day as well. We both headed off with Rainbow Dash (one of "my little pony" toys) in the bag and some fabric to get hunting for more. The pattern we chose was from liljabs. I have never done a pattern with so many tiny pieces before but who never tries will never know. I have to say it comes together quite easy!

It was really amazing seeing this picture coming together. I never thought it is possible to make the eye out of so many little tiny pieces but it worked. I made a huge mess under the table cutting the fabrics when sewing but who cares! After two sewing days it was time to finish the top and border it with the farbics my little one chose some time ago.

this top is already lying on a pillow and not wonky
The next step was to give Rainbow Dash a face and do some quilting. I love how she looks. A little cheeky smile! A real beauty and what a lovely surprise for my little one when she came home from school.

There was only one more thing to be done: Rainbow Dash has a little star on her back and when I was told she is not finished until this star is stitched down as well. I had to follow that order!

Twilight sparkle pillow
It was a huge success and my little girl now has her own huge pillow! It is not for school but for her bed. She is sitting there every evening reading stories to her loved pets. The best way to encourage her reading!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Going North Part 1

It really took a long time from planing this trip to finally make it. We wanted to drive up so many times but never could make it. One of the difficulties is the long driving. It takes ages to get up there.

as you see there is no fast way
Last week on Friday we allowed the kids to leave school at 12 and with a beautiful day we chose to get up the coast road. The first stop we made was in Sligo. Just a short break before we went further to Donegal and shortly after crossed the border to Northern Ireland. It took us already 4 hours to get there so why not stop in Londonderry, The City of Walls.

It was amazing to walk on the wall. A good break before we went on the final ride for the day up to Bushmills. We stayed in the "The Smugglers Inn" close to Giants Causeway, where we wanted to go the first thing the next day. The room was amazing! We even had two rooms so no squishing and squashing. The dinner in the bar (the children chose) was huge and delicious. A real great way to end the first day of an amazing journey.

The next day it was all about going down to Belfast. This time the planed driving was not that long and we had all day to stop whenever we wanted to. Early morning after a little breakfast we drove the last mile up to "Giants Causeway". It was nice and sunny but freezing cold.

There were not many cars there when we arrived. Of course we walked down to the stones in the cold shadow listening to our handsets and all the stories along the way. It only took some minutes that my little girl took over the camera and I had two of them. Now I could listen to the children version which are more funny. Lucky us the stones were in bright sunshine to warm us up. It is a gorgeous place and we chose to walk in a circle up the shepherd stairs back in bright warm sunshine!

Our next stop was Carrick a Rede. When we planed the trip we were looking forward to go there but the weather in October might not allow us to cross the bridge. If it is to wet they close the bridge for safety but we were so lucky. The sun was still shining and it was nice and warm. The black cloud was appearing but for now we just enjoyed a lovely walk to the bridge. I was expecting it to be bigger but for some people even this was enough. It is high but not a little tiny bit wobbly.

In the early afternoon we made our way along the coast heading to Belfast. The road is scary on some parts but as no one else wanted to drive there we were alone in the wild north in a fantastic area. The view was amazing. Unfortunately I was the driver and the rest in the car was relaxing, so no pictures taken. We arrived in Belfast in the early evening and the children were excited. We had a little walk around the hotel and got some Japanese dinner. The only problem we had: we did not get a drink afterwards with the children. No, I am not talking about going to a night club late at night. It was 7:30pm and we were on the way back to the hotel and just wanted to have one pint before we go to bed. The first pub did not want to serve us drinks if we don't eat (just to let you know the sign in front said "food served until 8pm") and the second one explained us not children in bars and he does not know any place to go. This was not the best start in Belfast so after a little shopping in Tesco it was the room and the TV. But who cares as we all were excited to see the Titanic in Belfast the next day.

...but this is a story for an other day!