Thursday, 30 October 2014

Flying Geese Bee

Not a long time ago Kat asked if we know a Bee and about our experience. We all had good and bad things to tell about Bees and how to find one but somehow it ended all different. Some of us liked the idea of a flying geese quilt and so she just opened a Flying Geese Bee. This bee is totally differnt to the ones I did till now. First of all we are all together in one group and second we do only have one deadline: 1st October 2015! Right, there is no monthly deadline! We can sew whenever we want and send them when we are finished. There is one more rule: the block has to include flying geese. I did already start drawing weeks ago and Kat was so nice to check my measurements. I am asking for 4 quarters of my block.

I am aksing the ladies to make me four of those blocks each in one color and with Low Volume as background. I send out a paper template for the ones who want to do paper piecing and an instructions including measurements for the others. Today I just used the midterm break to test some blocks for the others. Three of the ladies are asking for "Geese in the Forest". This is my first block for May. She asked for purple and emerald on a white(ish) background.

This will be an amazing quilt. Each of the blocks measure 6'' and I think she is planing on 100 blocks. With our help there will still be a lot of work for her to do.
An other block I tried today was for Kat. She chose the Remixed Geese Pattern. We were emailing the last days like mad talking about fabris and I know she fell in love with my red safety pin fabric (if anyone knows where to get more I would appreciate it as I am sad this fabric is all used up now). She allowed me to go crazy and there was only one rule: no spiders! Oh I would have had so cute Halloween fabrics!

I had great fun making them. First I used my loved safety pin fabric to pin the sheep. Can you see them playing hide and seek as well? Or is it catch me? I just love them. A little bit more fun gave the pigeon fabric (Don't let the pigeon drive the bus). I love her speech bubbles. Last one for today I used my words fabric which I think is perfect. I tried to fussy cut the words: wisch, love, giggle and the heart. I am sure this will be such a fun quilt

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Modern Irish Bee October

I can not believe it is almost November and there are only two month left in this bee. It is so much fun to sew with the Irish Quilters. There have been a lot of ideas this year which I am sure I would never have made without these lovely ladies. October was Tomomis month and she chose bookshelf blocks. She was very kind and only asked for books in order (no messy shelf). We only had to sort the books keeping them all tidy in one section. It is hard in my stash to not make a children books area but I found enough fabrics for an animal section and a travel shelf.

Modern irish bee November

These were fun to make. Today my girl was helping me to arrange the books. I hope Tomomi will have fun with her book shelf quilt. I have seen so many gorgeous books popping up.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Test PJs

Some days ago I already made the PJ bottoms and the children love them. The ones for my girl were fine while the one for my little one was to big. Yesterday I used the half morning to get ready and cut lots of fabrics. The plan was to make the bottoms for my little girl in the fabric she chose in Austria and my son also wanted one. What a surprise he wanted me to sew something. Additonal I wanted to make the test run for the top.

Early in the morning after breakfast I started to set up the sewing machine and getting ready to sew. Sewing jersey is really not one of my favorites and I have to say even if there are only a handful of seams  on the bottoms I was delighted when it was done. I used an overlock stitch from my sewing machine and it is terrible slow. Absolutely boring!

I had some black and white jersey in my stash from ages ago but it is super soft. I already made my son a top out of that fabric and I love it. To add a little extra I used some of the leftover sculls from his quilt. I love how the sculls finish the leg and the cotton gives it a little more structure as well.

After the boring part the fun could start. I desided to make the tops for the girls paralell. There was not much time left until the school finishes so time management was important. I did lots of pinning so I could press the pedal a little harder and speed through the seams. When my little girl came from school I was almost finished. Only two seams!

top with red sleves for my girl
With the sewing machine still on the table and making pancakes I tried to add the last elastic bands measuring on the children while wearing the pants and tops. After an other 30 minutes it was done! Two trial tops and two bottoms finished! And guess what!? They are already taken to be tested for sleep!

top with pink sleves for my little one matching the trouser
You do not need always tiny scraps to go scrappy. Sometimes an unwanted fabric can be  the perfect scrap to use to test a pattern or if the fabric is a little short to lengthen it. I am glad the children love their new pjs and it will be a pleasure to make the tops with the treasure they got in Austria. I am glad the fabric for the top is finally all used and no longer hiding in the corner. Linking up with Nicky and Leanne!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

long time promise

Did you ever the last month recognise that you made something and when you want to put it on the list which is long overdue you can not find it on the blog? How could this happen? So let's start in the beginning. I made a pillow for my little girl for school - yes, they want to sit comfy too - but she was disappointed because a) an other girl had a much bigger one and b) I made a huge cushion for her sister (and brother) already and she wanted one as well!

I had a great helper for this project and I love to take my girl with me when selecting fabrics. She is the best and it was a lovely day as well. We both headed off with Rainbow Dash (one of "my little pony" toys) in the bag and some fabric to get hunting for more. The pattern we chose was from liljabs. I have never done a pattern with so many tiny pieces before but who never tries will never know. I have to say it comes together quite easy!

It was really amazing seeing this picture coming together. I never thought it is possible to make the eye out of so many little tiny pieces but it worked. I made a huge mess under the table cutting the fabrics when sewing but who cares! After two sewing days it was time to finish the top and border it with the farbics my little one chose some time ago.

this top is already lying on a pillow and not wonky
The next step was to give Rainbow Dash a face and do some quilting. I love how she looks. A little cheeky smile! A real beauty and what a lovely surprise for my little one when she came home from school.

There was only one more thing to be done: Rainbow Dash has a little star on her back and when I was told she is not finished until this star is stitched down as well. I had to follow that order!

Twilight sparkle pillow
It was a huge success and my little girl now has her own huge pillow! It is not for school but for her bed. She is sitting there every evening reading stories to her loved pets. The best way to encourage her reading!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Going North Part 1

It really took a long time from planing this trip to finally make it. We wanted to drive up so many times but never could make it. One of the difficulties is the long driving. It takes ages to get up there.

as you see there is no fast way
Last week on Friday we allowed the kids to leave school at 12 and with a beautiful day we chose to get up the coast road. The first stop we made was in Sligo. Just a short break before we went further to Donegal and shortly after crossed the border to Northern Ireland. It took us already 4 hours to get there so why not stop in Londonderry, The City of Walls.

It was amazing to walk on the wall. A good break before we went on the final ride for the day up to Bushmills. We stayed in the "The Smugglers Inn" close to Giants Causeway, where we wanted to go the first thing the next day. The room was amazing! We even had two rooms so no squishing and squashing. The dinner in the bar (the children chose) was huge and delicious. A real great way to end the first day of an amazing journey.

The next day it was all about going down to Belfast. This time the planed driving was not that long and we had all day to stop whenever we wanted to. Early morning after a little breakfast we drove the last mile up to "Giants Causeway". It was nice and sunny but freezing cold.

There were not many cars there when we arrived. Of course we walked down to the stones in the cold shadow listening to our handsets and all the stories along the way. It only took some minutes that my little girl took over the camera and I had two of them. Now I could listen to the children version which are more funny. Lucky us the stones were in bright sunshine to warm us up. It is a gorgeous place and we chose to walk in a circle up the shepherd stairs back in bright warm sunshine!

Our next stop was Carrick a Rede. When we planed the trip we were looking forward to go there but the weather in October might not allow us to cross the bridge. If it is to wet they close the bridge for safety but we were so lucky. The sun was still shining and it was nice and warm. The black cloud was appearing but for now we just enjoyed a lovely walk to the bridge. I was expecting it to be bigger but for some people even this was enough. It is high but not a little tiny bit wobbly.

In the early afternoon we made our way along the coast heading to Belfast. The road is scary on some parts but as no one else wanted to drive there we were alone in the wild north in a fantastic area. The view was amazing. Unfortunately I was the driver and the rest in the car was relaxing, so no pictures taken. We arrived in Belfast in the early evening and the children were excited. We had a little walk around the hotel and got some Japanese dinner. The only problem we had: we did not get a drink afterwards with the children. No, I am not talking about going to a night club late at night. It was 7:30pm and we were on the way back to the hotel and just wanted to have one pint before we go to bed. The first pub did not want to serve us drinks if we don't eat (just to let you know the sign in front said "food served until 8pm") and the second one explained us not children in bars and he does not know any place to go. This was not the best start in Belfast so after a little shopping in Tesco it was the room and the TV. But who cares as we all were excited to see the Titanic in Belfast the next day.

...but this is a story for an other day!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

FAL Q4 "the list"

It is always the big question which of the projects do you take to the next quarter and which would be better left out?!? Making a list is always a good way to look around in the sewing room and think of what has to be done ... let me say it ... until Christmas! ... or before 2015 hits you!

Finish Along 2014
So time to write the list:

1. Hexagon-Quilt
I got the background and am ready to start
2. Flying Geese Block
I used most of these fabrics to make a trial block which needs to be turned into something useful
3. Embroidery
This is my work when my little ones does her homework. Stitch Along at 
4. Gloves
I want to give this pattern an other try. Hopefully I will not have freezing fingers in winter

5.  PJs for my little one
The bottom one is done and now getting ready for the trial run for the top. These are the fabrics for the finished PJs
7. Modern Stitching Bee Quilt
I am waiting for two more blocks and need to make lots of HSTs for the border
This list is long enough to keep me working and short enough to have success (I might be dreaming but sometimes you need to get out of your comfy box). So fingers crossed it will all work out fine and I will have two cosy quilts either to give away or to snuggle in at Christmas!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mum, you promised ...

Children are really good in remembering what you might promised in a weak moment and remind you ever and ever again until .. yes, until you keep your promise. So on our vacation we went to one of those fabric shops where you might have trouble finding the exit and believe me you find lots of fabric you need to have there too. The girls were in heaven when we went in the jersey section. My little one has already seen a beanie in an other shop she would like to have so why not add some more fabric to make PJs. This week I was without a cutter and this was the best time to get moving and use the scissors. I found a pattern which looked nice and as my girl easily fits in adult size I gave it a go. I used a fabric I do not even know why I bought it and made a trial pant.


When she came home from school I only had to finish the length and the waistband. This was done in 5 minutes and it was hard to get the pants back to wash them. She absolutely loves them and did not even bother about the fabric. Of course I did I also make the "real" pants for her and as it is really easy I also tried the pants for the little one using an other pattern. I did not know how long it takes to overlock three seams so lunch had to wait a little longer this day.

Pjs for the girls
The pants for my older girl fits her perfectly and she can not wait to use them (when the other one is in the washing) but the ones for mini were not as successful. Much to long and wide even if I skipped the seam allowance again and used the pattern in her measure range. The "real" ones have to be  less wide and without the adding in the length. She still is happy with her new pj's but I am sure the real ones will be much better. Hopefully the pattern for the shirt will fit them much better as the fabric is slowly running out.


It is nice to make something different and have some happy faces in the house. Even my son asked to get one as well. Anyway I am already drawing a new block for a bee just made out of friends and totally different rules. Actually there is only one rule: the block has to have flying geese in it. I can not wait to make a trial block!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Finish-A-Long Q3

Is it already time? Oh no, it is!

Finish Along 2014

I knew there will not be a lot of time for sewing as in summer we head back home and the sewing machine gets a good rest. So the list was not really long but it looks like it was still to long. You might see some of them again on the next list.

1.) Challenge on the Lazy Bums - Not touched

my girl took it out the last time and was asking why it is not finished
2.) Nordica - Not touched
think I will change the idea and looking forward to finish it
3.) Hexagonquilt - moved but not finished
ready to cut the background as soon as the cutter is back from his vacation
4.) Big Stitching Swap - DONE and blogged
it was a challenge finish something only hand sewing but I did it

5.) Triangle Wall hanging - Trashed
I put three rows together and hated it so I just trashed it

One finished project is better than nothing and getting rid of an other was a good decision! Sometimes ideas do not work out and it is ok to use the bin.

I have plans for the next list and as the items have a purpose I am sure there will be some finishes. So looking forward to a successful last quarter in 2014.