Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween and #quiltphoto (next to your machine)

Today is Halloween! We only do this since we are in Ireland but I heard friends are doing it in Austria as well now. Normally you should look scary but the little one only wanted to be a cat. I love it! She looks so gorgeous in her pink pussy suit and she enjoys it so much. We also did a great painting this year and at least this evening she looks like little kitten. We had to do the face painting at lunchtime but it looks still great now in the evening. Just the lips I left for after dinner.

Today Rhonda asked for next to my machine. As the machine is on the dining table it always has to be put away for dinner. So usually the machine is under the table. But if it is on the table I use the space on the left side for my coffee/tea and the pincushion. Also my notebook and scissors (the seam ripper is hidden behind the cup). Behind you can also see the tin for my scraps when sewing. Oh yes, there is also a sushi stick. This one was great when turning the handles for the tote bag :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

#quiltphoto (prints)

An other easy one: no printer = no prints! the only prints I can offer are my pictures. Not really something to quilt but there is one print that really, really gives me nightmares. I love this pattern and I so would love to make a rainbow colored one but I failed to many times that it has to wait now ...

Circle of Flying Geese
#quiltphoto (made by sewingoverpins)
It looks great, doesn't it? I need to get back to it. Just not today. An other day ....

Monday, 29 October 2012

#quiltphoto (most recent project)

This one is not so easy. Ok, the most recent project FINISHED is the Mouthy Stitches Tote Bag and it is on the way to its new home. As I have seen it did not arrive till now but I hope this will be the next days. I hope she likes it ....
#quiltphoto (most recent project)

Sure I started new projects but there is nothing I can show you till now. They are too fresh but I tell you what they are about. I could not resist to join two more swaps. There is the Scrappy Swap 2012 where I did the mosaic some days ago. I also know my partner now but ... psssst ... it is a secret swap! I also joined the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap 2012. Therefore I made this mosaic...

So there are lots of things to be done the next days. Because it was so nice today I went off to make pictures again. It was a lovely morning and it was not cold!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ireland in a #quiltphoto (solids)

I love solids. If you remember my last mosaic for the Scrappy Swap there were lots of them. Anyway I don't sew today and am just lazy, relax and enjoy the sunshine. So I went of this morning to take some pictures. The most lovely solids made by Mother Nature ...

#quiltphoto (solids)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

#quiltphoto (for you)

Dear Rhonda, I don't have anything for you today :( I am so sad to tell you but these are for me. Finally ....

#quiltphoto (for me)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stash Bee and #quiltphoto (for someone else)

Endlich hatte ich wieder Zeit am Stash Bee zu arbeiten. Irgendwie verging die Zeit dieses Monat so schnell und am Montag sind fuer die Kinder schon wieder Ferien. Also besser mal schnell einen Bee erledigen und abhacken. Gewuenscht war ein Block, der aussieht wie ein Teil von einem Regel/Buecherregal. Naja, ich habs versucht ...
Finally I found time to make my Stash Bee blocks for October. Somehow time is flying by and the month is almost over and I have not done my Bee blocks. At least I did a big finish today because the kids are off from school next week. So I try to finish all this week. Rachelle asked for blocks that look like a shelf. Ok, I tried ....

Es gibt auch einen Block, der mehr nach Buecherregal aussieht, aber ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher, ob der schwarze Stoff auch wirklich ein Kona black ist. Wobei ich ja eigentlich auch nie schwarze Stoffe kaufe. Also muesste es einer sein, aber ich geh da mal lieber auf Nummer sicher und lass ihn weg. Trotzdem schick ich den Block auch mit. Ich hoffe, Rachelle freut sich. Wird sicher ein lustiges Regal werden. Ein paar Bloecke sind echt ganz toll geworden.
There is one more block that actually looks more like books in a shelf but I was not really sure if the black I used is Kona black. I usually never buy black fabrics and I only bought it once for laurels block so it should be. Just to be on the safe side I did not use it in the other blocks. Hope she likes them. 
stash bee block
Eine andere Sache, die ich seit Sommer aufgeschoben habe: Ich habe kleine Sackerl versprochen, die mit Lavendel befuellt werden koennen. Eine leichte und schnelle Aufgabe, aber man muss sie eben ach machen.
In summer I promised to make some little bags to put Lavender in and hang them in a cupboard. An easy job but it has to be done. So an other thing finally is done and will be sent off the next days.

Lavender pockets

Ein Baendchen verschliesst die Beutelchen und damit kann  man sie auch in den Kasten haengen. Damit der Lavendel nicht rausfallen kann, habe ich Innenbeutel genaeht, die nach dem Befuellen verschlossen werden. Damit kann das Sackerl immer wieder gewaschen und verwendet werden.
I made little bags to put another pocket with the lavender (or maybe something else) in. The inner pocket has a little opening so it can be filled and closed after. So she can wash and use the pockets if she wants to.
#quiltphoto: for someone else
Damit bleibt fuer Oktober  nur noch eine Kleinigkeit ueber, aber auf die freue ich mich schon. Nur verraten wird noch nichts!
So now there is only one more block to be done and I hope I can do this one soon. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scrappy Swap and #quiltphoto (triangles)

Yes, I did it! I joined an other swap. I get addicted to swaps! I love swaps. Not because I get something real special. I love to make all those things, play with design and fabric, try new ideas and at the end there is someone who hopefully loves what I made. So this time I joined the Scrappy Swap organised by Flutter from.Kat. I could not resist. Just a little thingy and lots of scraps. Isn't this great? First thing to be done was of course an other mosaic....

my mosaic for Scrappy Swap
I love how the colors pop out and text fabrics are just so brilliant! When I started to commented on the other mosaics I found the one from quilty doings and could not trust my eyes. Have a look maybe you can see it too ...

scrappy swap
#quiltphoto: no 7 is my HST mini quilt - first attempt on triangles

Did you spot it? Between all this lovely quilts is my little HST mini quilt! I am so overwhelmed. This is the first time someone else put a picture of my little things in a mosaic. I am speechless! Thank you so much!

Monday, 22 October 2012

#quiltphoto (extra large)

Actually it is not the right way to say it but extra large is one envelope going on a travel far away. Extra large is the sadness to say bye to FUNC and hopefully extra large is the excitement at his new home. Extra large is the relieve the Mouthy Stitches tote bag is done and extra large will be the pile of parcels I will post tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

#quiltphoto (orange)

Finally the last part of Mouthy Stitches 2 is done: the keyfob! This was the hardest part because the last seams are always the hardest and of course the sewing machine behaved like a diva! I hope my partner likes this little leave with the same colors found in the front ...

lovely in orange and red with a little teal

I am not sure if she likes the little bugs running over the backside but the stitching did not work as I wanted it to be.

The only thing left is to pack it all ab an post it! Hopefully it arrives soon. Can't wait to hear if she likes it! Oh I am so nervous now!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

#quiltphoto (why?)

It was not a crafty day. Actually I had all the stuff packed: knitting and stitching! All in my bag ... in the car when we went to the blitz today. The Blues had guests arriving from Ballinasloe and Oughterard   to play. Unfortunately the Oughterard U10 did not have a team to play. So as the sun was out and it was not really cold I was cheering the boys and taking pictures. So no quilting, knitting, stitching .. just cheering!

So why did I pack the bag?

Friday, 19 October 2012

#quiltphoto (sunny)

I had a lovely day today starting at the library in school. I volunteer there every now and than. Today I was in for the 6th class and after the senior infants. The little kids are so gorgeous when they come in to pic a book. Adorable!

They are so lucky in the school to have this huge amount of books they can chose from.
After school we went to the library in town. My little one loves the letterbooks now that she starts reading on her own so we had to change "my c book", "my K book" and "my j book" to "my s book", "my e book" and "my o book". It helps her a lot to learn reading and with the phonics. So we just had a little "sunshine" when we went back. It is not that easy to find the sun these days.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

#quiltphoto (red)

This is an easy one! Today finally the Charms arrived and there are so many lovely little charms not in my house but one is exactly what I was looking for today: Little Red Riding Hood! 

isn't she gorgeous?

Mouthy Stitches Details

Gestern war es leider schon recht spaet und nach der ganzen Naeherei hatte ich keine Lust mehr, die Bilder auszusuchen. Vor allem werden die Bilder mit Blitz gar nicht so schoen. Leider ist es heute wieder recht grau, aber fuer die Einzelheiten der tote bag reicht es.
It was late yesterday when I finally left the sewing machine and could sit down and say: FINISHED! Ok, it was not totally finished and some little details where done today so I can show them now.

Erstaunlicherweise find ich die Tasche grad groesser als ich angenommen habe. Ein paar Kleinigkeiten habe ich allerdings geaendert (Swap Mamas nicht lesen!). Die Totebag sollte nach diesem pattern gemacht werden. Der Rest blieb jedem selbst ueberlassen und natuerlich war die Hauptaufgabe, eine Tasche zu entwerfen, die der Partnerin gefaellt. Das war gar nicht so einfach. Ich hab eine ganz tolle Partnerin zugeteilt bekommen und ich hoffe, sie mag die Tasche. Ich glaube bei den Traegern hab ich mich verlesen. Die schauen bei allen anderen viel schmaler aus. Dafuer hab ich sie ein wenig gepolstert. Dazu kamen noch zwei Knopefe: einen um die Tasche in bisschen zu verschliessen und einen in einer kleinen Stickerei, die ich noch nicht zeigen kann.
When I first read the pattern  I was a little disappointed that it will be so small. I need huge bags to transport all these little things with me (especially three notebooks). I also had to add some little things (Mama's don't read now!) I find really important in/on a bag. I hope my partner still likes it even if there is now a huge button to close the bag. The straps look much wider on my tote than on the others so I hope you like this as well. I added some batting so they feel nice and comfy on your shoulder. I also added an other little button on the back. Just can not show more because it is a secret swap ...

Fuer Frauen braucht die Tasche natuerlich noch ein Innenleben: auf einer Seite gibt es ein kleines Reisverschlusstaeschchen und einen Ring. Auf der anderen Seite gibt es kleine Faecher zum einstecken. Nein, der Auftrenner bleibt bei mir! Der wird hier dringend gebraucht, aber vielleicht macht sich FUNC mit auf den Weg zu einem neuen zu Hause? Vielleicht tauscht meine Partnerin dann FUNC und schickt die Tote weiter *gg*
The tote is reversible so you can wear it inside out if you want to. You will also find a zipper pocket on one side with a ring and on the other side are little pockets. FUNC already had a try and likes to sit in there. Would you mind hosting him for a couple of days? So maybe FUNC will come to your house ... Who knows!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mouthy Stitches and #quiltphoto (not done)

Today it was a day full of sewing and finishing. First I finally finished my tangram mug rug. It should have been sent of weeks ago but somehow there was not time to make it. Never sent a mug rug to the big sister and don't sent anything for the brother so he will get a "donkey-wellie" mug rug.

After I took my time and started to finish the Mouthy Stitches tote bag. I only can show the front and just a fast peak because it is to late to make lovely pics and I am to tired. So this is for my partner and I just hope she loves it. If not, I will have a problem ....

The last thing for today: the quiltphoto! What I have not done! Hmmm, a pic from something I did not do? To be honest: There are lots of things I did not do ... hovering, washing, sleeping, dancing, ... but how do you make a pic of things you did not do? So I just picked something next to me ... I did not knit today! I need to get on otherwise I will have frozen hands this winter too ...

knitting with my girls maroon/white wristband when the Galway Hurler were in the Final
This is post 251 and I wanted to do a give away for 250. It is Rhonda's fault! I was not thinking of posting every day .... so there will be one coming up the next days!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

#quiltphoto (circle)

Actually I wanted to show you a lovely circle today (my clamped wheel) but when I thought about my last photos I thought I might show something more qulity. As Tuesday is my day in town it is hard to show something crafty but I have something in work, that almost is a circle ...

Pssst! It is a secret for the Mouthy Stitches Swap so be patient and some day I can show where the circle belongs to ;)

FUNC ...

Erstens kommt es anders und zweitens als man denkt. Gestern hat meine Freundin geschimpft weil ich Packerl noch nicht angekommen ist (die oesterreichische Post ist leider ein wenig langsam, denn das Packerl in die andere Richtung kam schon vor einer Woche an) und seit ich weiss, dass die Charms aus dem Japanese Charm Swap am Weg sind, warte ich darauf natuerlich auch noch. Als ich dann heute aus der Stadt zurueck gekommen bin, verspaetet da ich geclamped war, und das kleine Packerl hinter der Tuer sah, dachte ich natuerlich sofort an mein Charms! Oh wie ich mich freute! Komisch nur, dass das gar nicht mein Kuvert war, das ich mitgeschickt hatte und meine Schrift war es auch nicht. Wird wohl meins verloren gegangen sein oder was auch immer, aber meine Charms sind da! Fehlanzeige!!!! Erstmal hab ich diese tolle Karte in der Hand gehalten und dachte  mir noch, so eine aehnliche hat mir doch Rachel geschickt.
Today was a much nicer day than yesterday and even if it was raining when I went to town when I was waiting to get unclamped it was beautiful sunshine. That was the good part of being clamped: waiting in sunshine and not freezing! So when I finally got home a little parcel was waiting for me. First I thought it is the one from my friend from Austria as she is waiting for me to get it but it was from the UK. So I thought this are the charms I am waiting for and was really excited. Could not wait to open the envelope even if I thought it does not look like mine. So I opened it and had this lovely card in my hands. It looks almost like the one Rachel sent me with the Stash Bee Block. 

Noch hab ich mir nichts dabei gedacht, denn es gibt ja mehrere Quilterinnen, die Karten basteln. Aber komisch war es doch ein wenig. Als ich dann den Inhalt herausgezogen habe, war die Ueberraschung gross! Es waren nicht meine Charms, die da aus dem UK angeflogen kamen, es war FUNC!!! Kennt ihr FUNC? FUNC wurde von Rhonda (ich glaub sie verfolgt mich) kreiert und geht auf Reisen.
So I went on digging and found this pouch. Ahhhhh, it is FUNC  What a surprise! I knew it was over at Rachel's house some days ago but I did not knew FUNC was flying to me.

Nun ist FUNC also bei mir gelandet. Eine wahre Schoenheit mit tollem Inhalt.
I love it in my house for some days. Isn't it a real beauty?

Oh wie hab ich Rachel um die Eulchen beneidet, als sie sie beim Mouthy Stitches Swap gezeigt hat. Die sind so entzueckend. Einfach herzig!
Some days ago Rachel showed the owl fabric at the Mouthy Stitches Swap and I was so jealous. They are so cute! Adorable!

FUNC darf nun ein paar Tage bei mir bleiben und dann wird er wieder auf Reisen gehen. Wohin? Ich weiss noch nicht, aber wenn ich deine Adresse habe, koennte es sein, dass er auch bald zu dir auf Besuch kommt ;)
FUNC is allowed to stay some days here and after he will go on and fly to someones house. If I have your address maybe he will step by for a visit in your house? Would you love to host him for some days?

Monday, 15 October 2012

#quiltphoto (on a picnic)

I am sure when Rhonda thought about the topics she did not think about the lovely, gorgeous and nice weather here in Ireland in October. To be honest: I did not think about it either especially because Saturday was such a lovely day! The sun was shining and it was really warm. That's not how it looks like today. I am not sure if you want to see it ....

It looks great! I mean it would be perfect for Halloween in two weeks but does this have to start now? So this is the perfect day for a picnic. But because the postman was really nice today (no, he did not bring the charms from the Japanese Charm Swap) and brought me one of the last blocks for my Stash Bee Quilt I thought I lay them all out and make a little picnic those little fellas ...

At least they enjoy their tea!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

#quiltphoto (with a pet)

We don't have any pets any more. When I was a little girl I had a rabbit until my Mum decided to bring it to my grand parents farm. After I had two guinea pigs but my Mum had an allergic reaction so I had to give them away too. Luckily I got a cat from my uncle and I could keep it. I really loved it! Some years ago we had two rabbits again but when we decided to move to Ireland I could not take them with me so now we don't have any pets in the house - except spiders and sometimes flies! But today my little girl was invited to a birthday party (the third party and the fifth birthday in three weeks!) at a pet farm and I had a little chat with this little feller ....

Saturday, 13 October 2012

#quiltphoto (blue)

First of all I have to tell you that I love blue. So today I have break the rules a little and I am so sorry but I have to show you more than only one picture! So let me start today with all the blues today. My blue "adventure" started yesterday when I finally made my second idea for the Mouthy Stitches 2 in orange and blue. I just have to wait and see if my partner likes this idea. It goes on today where I am so lucky because we have an amazing BLUE sky. The sun is shining and if I say it is not cold believe me it is a gorgeous day! For the first time since weeks I enjoy watching the Galwegians (also called the Blues) Mini Training and I did not get cold feet. Finally I got a piece of cheesecake on a blue plate with a coffee in my blue cup. So now you know I love blue!

So I hope you enjoy the day as much as I do!

Friday, 12 October 2012

#quiltphoto (on the floor)

No, I am not sewing or quilting on the floor. Not at this time of the year. I find it much to cold even next to the fire and the light is also not really good. I am one of these frozen persons who almost never get warm. But it is Friday and Friday means Pizza and Movie time. So my son is sitting on the beanbag (actually don't ask me why but he is sitting next to it) on the floor watching "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" ....

... and me and the girls enjoy the sofa. It feels like we are watching this film for the hundreds time so I can enjoy my knitting and stitching.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

#quiltphoto (super small)

Ok Rhonda, I heard you are stalking me every day for a month. So here I go:
When I got online this morning and had a look about today's photo I was really ... thinking hard ... but as the day went on I realized ...

super small motivation

.. it is my motivation today that is really, really super small today! Somehow I made it to my yoga class this morning and it was a wonder I survived ...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#quiltphoto (just beginning)

Taeglich ein Photo? Habt ihr das schon mal versucht? Lange habe ich ueberlegt und irgendwie reizt es mich mal eine andere Herausforderung anzunehmen. Rhonda hat #quiltphoto gestartet und es wird eine Herausforderung zu den einzelnen Themen ein Bild zu machen und zu posten ...
I know some of the bloggers out there blog every day and I love to read them. I have never tried it but when Rhonda posted the idea of #quiltphoto I loved the idea making pictures to a selected topic. So today is the start ....

Just beginning ....

just beginning to sit next to the fire stitching ...

Finish Along ...

Es ist das erste mal, dass ich bei dem Finish Along von Rhonda mitmache. Bisher hatte ich immer hunderte Ausreden, warum der Zeitpunkt gerade nicht passt, aber heute geh ich es an!

It is the first time that I join Rhonda's Finish Along. Till today I had a thousand excuses why it is not the right time to start it so now I just do it! I just picked my favorite UFO's ...

1. Irish Chain Quilt for my little girl

Pinned, started and never finished ....

2. Birthday Present for a little girl

It should be on it's way since last week :(

3. Mouthy Stitches Swap

I started yesterday with my first idea ...

4. MY mits 

I will not give them away and they will warm my hands this winter time!

Ich fange mal mit den vier Projekten an und hoffe, dass das eine oder andere fertig wird. Das sind mir die wichtigsten, aber es gibt noch ganz viele andere UFO's hier. Die muessen dann wohl auf das Finish Along 2013 warten :)
I start with these four projects and hope I will finish them all. Believe me, there are some more UFO's around here but they have to wait for the Finish Along 2013 :)