Friday, 4 July 2014

Finish A Long Q2

Oh no! Q2 is already coming to an end and I feel terrible now. There have been so many things going on at the end of the school year that I did not have much time to sew.

I also rarely look at the list I write until it is time to check what I have done. This quarter had to be better than the first (you remember? I did nothing!) and I know I made at least one item from the list (waving to Rhonda). So lets face the truth!

1. Spiderweb block from templates - DONE and soooo happy with it! Why did it take so long?

2. Use the fussy square blocks - DONE

3. Nordica EPP - made some progress but it is still not finished

4. Embroidery - no way

5. Florence Triangles - cut, started sewing and put to the side

I only had 5 projects on the list and finished two of them. Not really a lot but at least I made progress in all of them (the embroidery moved to the table to get finished). I am happy with the two I have done and can see the others to be finished after the summer! So how did you do?


  1. Two beautiful finishes are good in my book. Plus I know how happy Rhonda is with that cushion.

  2. I'm 2 too! Better than last time! Still love that cushion!