Monday, 29 September 2014

Block after block after block ...

.. this is what I am doing. I could have blogged about it, but it is kind of boring, isn't it? But I will tell you anyway about the blockmania going on here. So the summer was a huge break for me I had to catch up in all those commitments. I have no clue in what order I made them so I just show them as they should have been made in my two bees.
July was the month of Sarah and Fiona. Sarah asked for a special spiderweb block and I have to say that was the best one I ever made.

Modern Stitching Bee block July

It was so easy going and with all the fabrics precuts so the finger press was the solution. I rarely had to get over to iron the stripes back. It was a pleasure to make them.

modern stitching bee

The other block long over due was for Fiona and she asked for selvageblocks. I am sure this quilt will be amazing when all the blocks are together. 

I am glad I finished those blocks before the school run and even managed to make some key forbs for the girls too. Finally I found a good use for the Japanese fabric. #modernirishbee
the bee blocks are hiding under the wrist bands 
As I had a good week (or two) I also managed to get the August blocks done. Unfortunately this was the last block for the Modern Stitching Bee. I am really sad it is over as those ladies are really amazing! It was challenging but great fun. Thank you Rhonda and Leanne for a great bee year. So Rhonda asked us to make a "union jack" block (which I learned is actually not a Union Jack and better should be called Union Flag). This one was very tricky and you really have to read the instructions carefully not to lose track.

Ok , @gapquilter  I did it but if anyone else is ever asking me to make those blocks again,  I will run!!!!!!! It freaks me out that they are not symmetric.  So I hope there is no mistake in the blocks as I pack them and send them to you NOW.  #modernstit

For the Irish Bee it was Fionas turn and she asked for Churn Dash blocks. They are really fun! The only rule we had to follow was to use our favorite fabric in the middle. Not sure if this was a good idea as in my house it is all about pirates and sculls at the moment. So this is my first block:

Fun block

I showed this block on Instagram and guess what happened; she liked this block! I made this block just for fun and of course this was not the one I had in mind for her. I just loved the combination of pink/purple with the scull and my sewing motivation up high it was made in no time! But of  course I made two blocks in a much "softer" version for her

Bee block for the modern irish bee Bee block for the modern irish bee

Hope all those blocks arrive soon safe in the new houses. I can not wait to see those quilts finished. They will all be very colorful and fun! So I am back on track and have already made my September blocks for the Irish Bee. Looks like it is time to look out for a new bee as this one is also fast coming to an end. Any suggestions? I love to be in bees!
I do not promise to write soon again as my laptop broke down and is only working if I am really nice to him. Think asking him for editing pictures might not be a good for now. But the new one is ordered and I am patiently waiting for it to arrive. 


  1. I agree with you about Sarah's blocks - very easy! I didn't mind the Union flag blocks but you did have to concentrate. Your churn dashes are fab. Great blocks!!

  2. Great blocks. Well done for catching up on so many. I loved the blocks you made me thank you! Can wait to see my quilt together when the remaining blocks arrive.

  3. You are busy! Love that funky scull, something I would never buy:)