Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Going away ...

Sometimes you have to go away. It was already some time ago Rachel asked me to join a sewing meeting but it needed a kick from May to finally book the flights. It was the perfect timing and it was an amazing weekend. Everyone had planed to sew bee blocks or pin cushions or whatever .. except me! I did not plan anything! So when I arrived I was not prepared for sewing but at least I had my knitting with me. Just in case there might be some time.

We went fabric shopping the next day and as I only had planed at this time I might find fabrics for one more bee block for Rachel, I found something else: Sweatshirt fabric! In purple! A pig piece! I would loved to get a black one too but this was perfect for my girls hoody she asked for. I also found a jersey usefull for the hood. I still had not planed to make the hoody but Rachel can be really bossy and because she has a serger she intended that I use it. So we sat on the computer looking for the pattern somewhere in my email account and after a long time (I would have given up ages ago) we found it, printed it, sticked the pieces together and were ready for sewing.

Hoody Size 158

I have to say I am so happy that she did! I have never used a serger before but it is so much easier and especially faster than the fake overlock stitch I have on my machine. So while I could read a book when I am overlocking on my sewing machine I could make 3 hoodies the same time. I am so delighted with the end result.

Hoody Size 158 with hood

There was only the cuffs I had to finish at home but just because we did not have the right fabric therefore. Otherwise this hoody was made in no time. We also used a gorgeous rainbow thread for the seams. So in the morning I packed the rest of the fabric and the hoody but after lunch we were quite exhausted but not sleepy enough. Just because the serger was still threaded and the leftover piece was quite huge so why not make an other one. There is still lots of time left before we had to leave the island. Unpacking the farbics and cutting again. There was just not enough for a hoody but why not make a turtle neck. We had great fun desiding on the go what and how we wanted to make the second "hoody" but after about an hour it was done (missing the cuffs again of course).

Hoody size 134 with turtle neck

This time we made it for my little girl size 134. First she was not happy not getting a hood but when she figured out she can hide in the turtle neck she was having great fun peeking out. The girls had great fun trying them on and dancing around. Thank you so much Rachel for all the help. I am delighted to have learned so much and now I know some easy and fast ways. Tomorrow they can finally wear them for school. I am pretty sure they hope for a cold day to get the most out of it.

Hoody size 134

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend with so much fun! It was fantastique!


  1. oh, das ist ja soooo nett geschrieben! :-) ja, eine overlock ist nicht wirklich nötig, aber dennoch: geil. :-)
    lg kathrin

  2. Rachel bossy????? Noooooo , i am shocked ! *grins big* Happy to read you had such a wonderful time. And the hoodie turned out very good.

  3. I am very pleased you managed to make these for your girls, it is so satisfying to get a finished article.. and you could leave all scraps behind, not to weigh down your bag!

    nooo, I am not bossy! well, not much! You wanted to do it!


  4. Two brilliant makes Anneliese, and useful too!! Glad you had a good weekend with your bee mates