Friday, 31 December 2010

An other year over ...

This year Christmas was really an adventure. Because of the cold weather and the snow we ran out of water on the 23rd in the evening. Luckily we had some bottles and on the 24th we went off to buy some more hoping the water comes back ... but it did not. The next days we went to our neighbour - who still had water running - to get some and the lucky children enjoyed drinking juice or sparkling water instead of water. After 5 days we loved to hear the water bubble through the pipes.
After everyone could get washed we went off to town to buy some new shoes.It is amazing how fast a child could learn to tighten the shoes if she wants to have them. It took her just some seconds and now she got new shoes and does not want to take them off any more.
The last days I did some knitting and so she also got a new hat. I am still working on an other one but it will be a present so I don't show it now. I hope she will like it :)
So now it is time to say good bye to 2010 and soon the new year will start. I wish everyone a wounderful night .. silent in Ireland and with a lot of fireworks anywhere else... May all your wishes come true!

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