Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Creativ Day ...

After a long christmas holiday everyone is happy that school started again and normal life can go on. So I used the new time schedule and started to finish some things. The list is still very long but I am sure to work through it the next days. The first thing done were the cover for the cushions. Every now and than I drive to the "Irish Patchwork Society" Meeting and buy some FQ the child joining me can select. So the fabrics chosen by one of the kids are now on our pillow.

And because I had the sewing mashine on the table the kids got their loops so they need not freeze on the long way to school (the school is across the street). The colours match the hats they have so everyone hast now a set. The only things missing are gloves but I think and hope the time therefore is over so I don't make any now. I hope they like them :)

It was a long break. Ireland does not have a lot of bank holidays during the year - I counted nine last time - so it was a little funny that there were so many days off in the last weeks. But after the last bank holiday on Monday the 1st our postman started to work again and brought our parcel we were waiting for so long. A big "Thank You" to Austria! And because we had no chance to use them during the christmas days we use them now. It's only that the original plan - stars for the parents and green ones for the kids - does not match the little ones head. She decided to get the star!


On sunday I went to "ROBOTICS Ireland FIRST LEGO League Challenge!"  with the kids. It was not really a lot to do there. The kids could watch the robots solve some problems on a field and they could talk to some students who trained lego robots. So they could see how a robot can be controlled by a mobile and they learnd how the wings of a plane is moving during a flight.