Thursday, 6 June 2013

Getting to an end ...

It is a long time ago that I promised a friend a quilt. A long time UFO and it was hidden in the corner for a while as I could not find the motivation to continue.

The blocks are quite small with 7.25'' and there were lots of blocks to  be made. I had already 29 done when I took the fabrics out yesterday. So just some more to be done! This can not be so hard! It was a gorgeous day so sit down an sew! What a surprise I had an other 11 blocks done in no time! So I was motivated today to finish the top .... sewing ... sewing ... sewing ..

Oh no! When I started the game arranging the blocks I was surprised how small the top is. I counted the blocks again and  .... oh no! ... There are not as many as I wanted to have! Somehow it looked small but I was not in the mood to sit down an make more blocks! I wanted this top to be done TODAY!!! And I did it!

It is not as small as I thought! Actually I like the size. Arranging a border and this will be big enough to cuddle in wintertime. No more blocks! What a nice surprise.

And the best thing? Somehow it was much easier to match the seams than I thought. I am really happy how it turned out and she is as well. So now I have to add a border. Just framing or to I start with a white sashing before I add the border? What do you think?

We are now ready for an other International Day in school showing posters from Austria, eating 'Manner Schnitten' and 'Mozart Kugeln' and of course get dressed up like we are the stars from 'Sound of Music'. At the end of the day we will be singing again ...

I am from Austria


  1. Whether you sash first in whit, or just go with the border probably depends on what you plan to use as border. Put the quilt down and try the border alongside, then with the white between. Take pictures- ask daughter and friend. Then you will know!

    It is a beauty!

  2. I love the idea of a narrow white border first, to link in with the white in the blocks. It is going to be a beautiful finished quilt.

  3. Das sieht ja toll aus! Tolle Farben und wunderschönes Muster! Ich lass mich überraschen, wie du weitermachst! :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. A border will make your quilt the perfect snuggle size.

  5. I like what Susan suggests. They are great blocks and it's going to be a super quilt.

  6. Love the colours in your quilt - and I like the idea of a white border too.