Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bye, bye ...

.. see you back in Autumn! It is this time of the year where I pack the kids and we go "home". So we leave the rain and the cold behind (we wish) and fly into the summer (heard it is colder there than here)

When I told the kids yesterday that it is colder at granny than here the first thing that came into their mind was: "So it will be snowing and we can go skiing! Great!" No, I hope it will not be that cold but there will be snow on some mountains and maybe we go up to a glacier one day.

Blogging will be reduced to a minimum but I will post some pics during our travel. So have a great summer!


  1. Have a wonderful time and I hope the sun starts shining and warming things up for you right away.

  2. Hallo

    also bei uns ist es zur Zeit "schweinekalt"....


  3. Have a nice time at "home"! Hope you come back full of energy and new ideas!

  4. Have fun!! It's always nice going home ;)

  5. Have a great vacation. Don't worry about me...I will just swoon away while you are gone!!!!

  6. will miss you! Enjoy yourselves!