Tuesday, 2 July 2013

QAL 2 Finish A Long ..

I am back for a short hello. The weather is not so bad and we already went into the mountains. So we enjoy the summer.

I also want to show you the success from the QAL 2. Almost every topic on this list is finished now. There is one project I am really proud of that it is done ...

1. Quilt for a friend - Done
It was hard work at the end. I love how it looks now and I am so happy that my friend loves it too. Unfortunatels her little girl said "purple is my favourite colour" and took it to her room. I am not sure if she will ever give it back. All trys ended in tears ....

2. Stash Bee Quilt - Done

3. Something out of these - not an idea till now

4. mittens - Done

5. pillow made out of crochet grannies - Done

I am really happy how this quarter worked out.


  1. Oh wow your stash bee quilt just gets me every time. Great job on your list!

  2. You rocked that list!!! Way to go!!