Thursday, 15 August 2013

Swaps done and comming up

I am only back for some days now but there is plenty of work now to be done. I am sorry for the delay in the bees but you still have to wait an other day until I am sorted. I have to thank all the Bee members of MQGI for the lovely blocks they made. I will post a picture soon and hope to put them together soon. For the modern Irish quilters they started a pincushion swap and you know, you never can have enough pincushions so of course I signed. With all those lovely ladies there I had so say yes! To sign in I had to start with a mosaic and to be honest it is not that easy to select just a hand full but this is what I cam up with

In case I could get bored or run out of fabric I also joined the map swap! Did you ever see all those gorgeous fabrics out there with map prints? I always wanted to have some as well so thanks to May doing an other swap. There is still some place so if you want a piece of "Road 15" by Sweetwater head over and join the group.

Before the summer I took part in the "Fabric Basket Swap". My basket arrived save at its new home as the parcel sent to me was rejected and went straight back. I was so sorry when I heard that and time was running out as I was almost on the plane. So I hoped that the second time sending the basket will be successful and when I arrived I was searching for the parcel. Unfortunately I could not find it. I was so sad until two days later the kids found an other parcel in front of the door! What a surprise when I recognized it is my basket! Thank you so much Laura! Rainbow colors and stand alone baskets! How lucky am I?

Think this are all the swaps for the moment so if I forgot about anyone this time I am sorry. My head is not back in working mode but I am sure I will talk about the next days. So that's it for today ... I think so!

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  1. Look at you, busy bee! We share a few pin cushion favorites :)