Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Time to finish the Bees

Today was the day. My new lovely darling - so called sewing machine - had the first go after a long break. After cleaning the kitchen table from the birthday cake, presents, candles and giving it a good wipe I could start. There were some bee blocks waiting for a long time to be finished. I started with the Stash Bee Blocks from July. These were quite simple as I could do paper piecing which I really like. 6 1/2'' equilateral triangles, straight or wonky. A perfect block for little scraps.

The other one for August straight forward as well. Adrienne was asking for a churn dash. She gave us a great tutorial to work with so it was really fast to make. For an other one I would just make the cuttings a little bitter as I like to trim the blocks. You know, just in case you need it. It gives a little safety

This was the last month in Stash Bee. After 17 month it is over now. It was fun and sometimes it was a challenge. It was a great time. I am sure there are some blocks I would have never tried.

I asked for converging corners to be made and I am so happy with my quilt. I love to snuggle in especially now when the temperatures are falling. Thanks so much to all the ladies who made a block or two. They work together so nicely.

An other Bee is coming to an end this month: The Modern Irish Bee. I could not finish the blocks for Judith before the summer and I am terrible sad about that. She asked for two tumbler blocks and in each of these we should use one of our fabrics. For one block I wanted to use the Glimma from Lotta Johannsen I used in my month and the other block I used a fabric I got in Austria in summer.

Last blocks for today were the ones for August for Sophie. The fabrics were already waiting for me when I came back. It only needed some time to get started. As my son was so bored today I let him make the design and let him arrange the HST. To be fair the girl had the pleasure to do the photoshooting with me ...

This was also the last month in Modern Irish Bee. It was great fun and I had the opportunity to make lots of different blocks.

I hope to finish my quilt soon so I can show you what the lovely ladies made for me. Thank you so much for the great time with you!


  1. Du arbeiten so schwer! Diesen habe ich gern! sehr schon!

  2. Great job catching up on your bee happiness. Converging corners is just beautiful!