Thursday, 12 December 2013

Grummel ...

Oh what a day! When you look out the window today it looks like in the middle of the night but it is already 10am. I feel terrible. I need to get the Christmas table Runner finished for the swap but my stupid iron did not work as I wanted it to be so fingers crossed all works out fine. But I finished the decoration item. It is terrible hard to fix the ribbon if you  have a plaster on your thumb because you are silly and sew your finger ...

I have only shown lots of peaks in this swap so if you think this is your decoration item: I am sorry, this is only the back! Someone in the house was sad to let the table runner go and I just had the same fabric so I had to put his little guy somewhere. In hope I can show the finished table runner the next time. 
An other item that had to be finished was the cat-table-runner-mini-quilt-wall-hanging! Call it as you  like. Tata! It is done! That was the easy part today :)

This is a collection of the first five cats in the QAL at Oh, Fransson. May I introduce you to Ferdinand, Bernadette, Sunny, Mia and Ralphio. I love this rainbow cats. I only stitched around the cats in the matching color.

Of course there had to be cats on the back as well. So many cats are looking for a lucky winner over here. Take your chance and just in case you do not want them to lay on the table I put some hangers on the back. If they work? I have no clue but I am happy to know.

So I am back to my table runner and fingers crossed it works!


  1. Sorry to hear about the thumb! Runner looks great as those the decoaration, i have a similar problem with the iron, my iron has broken!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!