Monday, 11 July 2011

Blogbirthday ...

It is now two years of blogging. Two years ago I started the blog with the words "Time to say Good Bye". It was a weird way to start a blog but we were in the middle of a move. Leaving the city we lived for a long time and going on an adventure.

I began to tell our story of moving to Ireland. A lot of things happened in the last two years. Some dreams came true and some did not. Some things were easy and some are still hard. In some ways living here is much different to Austria and some are exactly the same. We met new friends and other families. Some are gone again but I am sure new ones will arrive. It is hard to say Good bye to them but it was also hard to say Good bye to my friends. Some are still in our live and even if they are not next door we are still in contact and we will meet them in a couple of days. The others are gone and someone said "There is a reason they did not made it to the future".
The biggest concern before we move were the kids. Starting school in a different country with a different language was hard and I am so happy that the two made it at the end much easier than I thought it would be. Even the little one had a wonderful Playschool-year and on her sports day I could see how much she enjoyed being there.

In two days we are off to Austria again and I hope we can enjoy the mountains and our friends. A lot of dates are organised and I am so excited to meet them all again.

I wanted to make a "give away" but actually after we started to prepare the travel we also re-organised the rooms and so I did not have time. But there will be a something when we come back. I am sure I have time during the long travel to craft. So just leave a comment to take part :)


  1. Schönen Urlaub im Ex-Zuhause!
    Wir kommen Ende August auch ein paar Tage nach Graz ...
    Liebe Grüße

  2. ich denke, die integration in ein neues land ist mit kindern leichter als alleine, man muss halt an vielen veranstaltungen mitmachen und trifft zwangsläufig andere menschen mit teilweise gleichen interessen und/oder bedürfnissen. nach zwei (arbeits)wochen in deutschland bin ich heilfroh wieder in irland sein zu dürfen.