Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An other UFO finished ...

Oh I am so happy! It took ages or it just feels like but I finally can tell you it is done! It started a long time ago when I tried to crochet a cat for a friend. This was a total failure as I tried really hard to make the hair but no chance! I just could not make a suitable wig for this cutie. So I just gave the cat to Karin and asked her - I know she is perfect in crochet and making wigs - to finish it herself. Not really nice but she is brilliant and look how lovely it turned out ...

So when we met in summer she revenged. She gave me an absolute adorable granny smith blanket in my favorite color blue to turn it into a pillow myself.


It is in my To-Do-Box for almost a year and I had different ideas when I just took it out the last week to start finishing it. So I took some blue and white fabrics to frame the mini blanket. Unfortunately this grannies are really heavy so I stitched them on with perle cotton. It worked out fine and the batting gave it a little stabilization. 

I absolutely love it! I had to fill the cover with two cushions but it is a great size now. The crochet blanket lies flat on the fabric. I made a light blue border and added a dark blue binding to finish. The back is closed with a zip.

Thank you so much! I love it! So finally I can put this from my list at the Q2 Finish A Long. 

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  1. Your granny cushion looks lovely and surprisingly contemporary.