Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fabric Basket Swap done ....

Finally I am done! I started an other project yesterday but when I tried to copy the pattern I failed. So I really need to copy the page 200% to cut the templates. But I do have enough swaps to do so I made the fabric basket for my partner. I already did the goodie some days ago...

... and now the basket is finished as well. I do not tell you what my partner wanted otherwise it is absolutely clear who it is. After a lot of drawing - or I what I think was drawing a basket - I selected the fabrics. You will see I fell in love for the text fabrics I bought for the Text Farbic Swap - oh yes an other swap! 

This one is a little different to the other one I made. There is no handles but I tried to make a hanger on the back. Just in case my partner could need it. It also has a pocket(s) in the front.

So now I am waiting if my partner is happy with this one. Otherwise I have to ask my girl if she wants to change. She was just not happy with the idea getting a surprise bag back she might not like because it is made for me!


  1. Your basket is awesome! Of course your partner will love it!

  2. Such a cute pouch - love the fabrics!