Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finish number two ...

I have a run! An other day and an other finish. Actually I hope the winter is gone but it is still freezing cold so I am happy tonight to use my new mittens.

Yes, this are the same as the others but they are a little shorter. So now I can go to Gaelic tonight except ...

.. they get stolen again!
So this is an other finish from my list for this quarter. Looks good so far. Just many more to do! The other thing I managed are the bee blocks for the Stash Bee. I am sure it is an easy block but I find it quite difficult to insert these stripes. I am happy they worked out fine and hope she likes them.

I also made the goodie for the fabric basket swap. Why not start from the back and make a lovely pincushion for someone I am sure has at least one. I heard you can never have to many pincushions.

 When I copied the pattern yesterday I really thought it is much to small and I never can make this tiny seams but it worked out fine. Even the linen was nice to turn. I hope she likes it and if not I have an other one for myself.


  1. Your mittens are just lovely and your pin cushion will be a hit!

  2. Darling pin cushion! Just followed you on Instagram!

  3. Lovely makes A, and I want to make some asterisk blocks one day!

  4. Wow!!! Die Handschuhe!! So toll! Für mich, bitte! :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Wann sie mag diesen Nadelkissen nicht, dan konnen sie mach es fur mich!

    Es hat eine gutes Wilkommen nach hause!