Monday, 10 February 2014

18 days to go ...

There is not much going on in the house these days. I managed to finish the last seam from the bag and she took it happily today to  her dance class. The shoes fit perfectly and the extra bags on the side give space for a small water bottle or the socks. Thanks to the bag feet and the grid it keeps perfectly in shape. With the long zip it is easy to find things in the bag. I love it and I am so happy it is used now!

large enough to fit the shoes and some other goodies
The other thing I am working on is still the quilt for my son. It will be so different. The two huge blocks are done. Now there are only one or two tricky ones to be made. The others are all straight forward. I have no clue how it is going to look like as my son got a design wall in his room now where he can arrange the blocks. He is excited and I love his smile when I add an other block.

The main color of the quilt will be black and withe. We designed it all on squares. To give it a good size there should be 25 2'' squares in the width and 36 in the length at the end. No, I did not calculate the total number of cuts I have to make. Some blocks will contain orange or aqua. The background is made out of low volume but some will be negative blocks (low volume on black background). So back to sewing! 18 more days until I want to be finished and there are 14 more blocks to be made.


  1. I love that he gets to arrange the blocks. That's so cool! And the bag is perfect for her dance class. Stars all around!

  2. Lovely bag for a lucky daughter! and smashing quilt for that lovely lad!

  3. The bag is beautiful, and all those sneak peeks are showing a really cool quilt. I love how involved your son is in making it.

  4. What a fantastic way to get him involved in his own quilt, A! You're a genius and he will love it so all the counting down of days will be so worth it when you see his great big cheesy grin.

  5. Very cool - I love the skulls!