Monday, 3 February 2014


I can not believe it is already 2 weeks that I wrote my last blog post. I really have to kick myself more and as I read this week: it is not always about showing finished projects - the progress can be shown as well. As the last two weeks have been full with dancing. No! I did not start Irish Dancing but some might know that one of my girl is dancing. So last Saturday, when Rugby was cancelled, we drove to Claregalway and spent the morning in a sticky hall watching her and a friend dancing. I had my sewing with me but only did some stitches.

This one is slowly growing. Very slowly! I do not know what this is going to be but there is still lots of fabric left from the Nordica bundle so I keep going. On Saturday I took this with me again but this time I did not even touch it. I was neatly buried in my bag but I was not happy with my girls dancing bag the last week so I tried to make her a new one.

I chose to make her the the bag I found in the Modern Quilting Magazin. I am so  happy that Sara has the tutorial on her blog as there was a terrible cutting mistake in the magazin. With her instructions on the blog it was easy to follow the steps. When I did the trial run for Katy on her "Whole Lotta bag" (did you see the sew along?) I learned a lot about bag making. The best part this week was, I had all the supplies now at home and could make some changes to the bag.

The only thing I did not have was the handles and to be honest, I did not want to spent so much money to order them (Ireland is terrible in supplies). So I chose to make them out of linen but it is filled with bag webbing. This gives it a nice stiffness and hopefully it makes it stronger.

I also love pockets. The pattern did not have enough for me and I like to put things fast in a side pocket. So I had to add an other one on each the side. This is one "work in progress" as you can see the button is still missing.

The pocket on the other side can not be closed. To make it a little bit bigger it is filled with a rubber band. It holds my sunglasses quite tight. The last change I made is a grid in the bottom and bag feet. Hope this keeps the water away a little more.
I might use this pattern for my London bag as well but I need to make more changes.

The fabrics are mostly the ones my girl chose when we were in town shopping or on a market. Some of them are from the Japanese Charm Swap and the rest I got in a rainbow charm swap. Now I need an other one of these to get the missing colors again.

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  1. Found my way here from Life Under Quilts. Love your epp....both the colors and text fabric. Your bag is gorgeous! Katy's series has been great.

  2. Watch out, there- bags are addictive! and that one is lovely!

  3. What a lucky girl :) The bag is so beautiful and functional!

  4. cute bag! My daughtergoes to ballet class at evening time, I can't sew in the darkness of inside of the car!

  5. What great colors on the bag! What size is it?

  6. Love your EPP rings! Nordica has such a unique color scheme. And that bag, wow! Must have taken forever!

  7. Your sunglasses solution is brilliant! I need to remember that for the next time I make a bag.