Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bee part 1

It is stormy, I am leaking of motivation and so I just sat behind the sewing machine today to make two bee blocks. I did already all the cutting yesterday and of course mad a mistake. Not dramatic but annoying. When I started to cut the fabrics from my stash for Cindy I accidentally cut the wrong block size. She gave three sizes to chose from so this would not have been a problem as I cut Large instead of Medium BUT I did not have enough white to make 3 large blocks. So this is what I made out of it ...

Three large spools. Cindy was so nice and sent out the red fabric to make them real Aurifil looking spools. Two blocks are finished and one block is missing the white border. She also wanted to have some small ones and these are really small!

You can see them combined with the large spool but they will be fun filling the gaps between the large and medium spools. If you want to make some yourself here you can find the tutorial.
The other block I made today with the same problem - running out of white - were hearts for Bee Blessed. One stripe is missing but Sarah generously will add the missing part. Thank you so much! As promised they are green :)

That`s it for today! The other block I am working on needs advise from my son so waiting until he comes from school and helps me out!


  1. Pretty blocks - it's so frustrating when your fabric doesn't stretch all the way to finish. Hope you get re-stocked soon.

  2. They are looking fav. I better start mine soon.