Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I am a bee again

It feels so good to be in time sending of bee blocks. Especially if they travel a long way like this ones. Clara from Clover&Violet asked for an other spider web block. This time we had to follow Sarah's tutorial. The first part - drawing the paper piece - was quite tricky as my only inch ruler is a 12.5'' one. I had to improve to get the 13.5'' drawn but it worked out very well. For the center she wanted white and for the web bright colors with some low volumes.

I used freezer paper to stick the white in place for the beginning and the stripes for cutting. It made it so much easier to keep the shape that way. I have to say it was also easy to remove the paper at the end. The seam allowance was a bit tricky as the freezer paper is a little stiffer than normal paper but with the tweezers and a little finger press it was removed nicely.

I love this spider web block and one day I hope to get my own spider web quilt but first I have to finish the templates I have on my FAL list. 

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