Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sample Bee Block

When did I put my name down to be bee queen in June? Isn't it fun that I already know what to ask from the Irish ladies in December but struggle with the one now? So it is time to start thinking about the block. I sat down and had a look around the world wide web. I only knew I wanted to have HST. Finally I got to draw what I want and started sewing ...

Still not sure about the layout and if I like it the way I wanted to do it but the girls asked for play do yesterday. We started "cooking" in the morning when the boys left and made three colors of dough: yellow, red and green. The food colors are not really deep but they had fun.

They had a lot of fun making and destroying when they finally gave the table to me for sewing. Just not for long enough to finish my sample block. It took a short while until they came back working the dough again. They did not hand over the table until it was night time. Why are their fingers not sore today? Look what the made.

For all the European out there you know what happened yesterday night: congratulations to Austria Conchita Wurst who won the Eurovision Songcontest 2014 in Copenhagen! Thanks to all the Irish for the 12 points!

Have a great weekend! I am off for a Gaelic match of the U11/U12 .. just because it is a cold and wet weekend .... Go St Michaels!


  1. Such pretty play doh creations. Am intrigued by your June block - looks like an awful lot of HSTs!!

  2. I am so impressed you're even designing your blocks this early! Can't wait to see what you create.

  3. Your girls creations look so yummy! Congratulations for the euro vision!