Friday, 9 May 2014

London in fabrics

Did you think I forgot about the fabrics? No way! I am not sure if my friend was impressed with all the shops but she die never moan. So first we went to Liberty. Yes Nicky, I found it and I had a long walk around. The building is impressive and even if I am not into architecture it is absolutely beautiful. Not only the outside, the inside with the dark wood is stunning. I only shopped a little as I am not a flowery girl....

I also found Hamleys and had to play a lot. I made lots of pictures for my son to see all the things on the floors but to be honest it is to expensive and isn`t it cheeky to sell the same stuff in Hamleys on the airport for half the prize? I was really disappointed about that experience.
On Saturday we decided to get out to Broadway market and have a stop before at Beyond Fabrics. I just got this little FQs.

 It was a lovely sunny day and the shops in the street are just gorgeous. We walked up to the market and enjoyed some food before we went on "The Shard". You really have an amzing view over London. I just missed a sofa to have a cup and wait for the sun set.
So there was only Sunday left and I made my way to the airport. It was not really on the way and especially with all the tubes not working tricky but I wanted to have a final stop at Tikki. Lucky me there was a market in this area so the shop was open. So many gorgeous fabrics and I am in the middle! Yeah! I tried not to buy to much as I did already but some of those FG had to jump into the bag. Just a tiny selection. Not much ....

.. and I am still (or better again) collecting Low Volumes. I used a lot of them for my Nerdquilt so I just got a replacement. I love the notes and the pins are just cute.

With all that in my bag I needed something to read on the plane. Lucky me there was just the release of the new issue. I am hiding it from my girl so I do not need to do the softy again.

London offers much more than Galway but we also have nice shops around. Some I did not visit till now but hopefully the summer is arriving so we can go out much more and have a look around.


  1. Oh! It sounds like it was a real treat! I love this issue of Love Quilting, I got a copy last week :-)

  2. Now you just have to use those fabrics well!

  3. Lovely purchases and I am so glad you had a great weekend. And you are right. Hamleys is a total rip off. No need for it the volume of sales they do.

  4. Das sieht so aus, als ob Du eine tolle Zeit gehabt hättest :-) Und so schön eingekauft... Viel Spaß beim Verarbeiten :-)

  5. Very nice purchases! I love the fabrics you picked up in Tikki!

  6. Ooo! Pretty pretty! Do you have a selvage on the pin print? I'm trying to figure out what it is.