Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy 2015

Happy 2015

It is a long time ago that I wrote a post but to be honest, the curve ball is still stricking me and I am not really able to concentrate on crafting, sewing or whatever. However it is time to face the FAL Q4. This is the last time we link up with Katy. Thank you so much for hosting the FAL 2014 and hope you have a relaxed 2015 coming up. 2015 we will have a new host and I am sure I am in.

Finish Along 2014
I had already a look yesterday and I am pretty pleased with this quarter. I almost finished my list but lets just have a look:
1. Hexagon-Quilt ...... DONE
I  love it so much! It is absolutely cosy and we fight for it every evening
2. Flying Geese Block ... BINNED
there will be other projects for this fabrics
3. Embroidery ... DONE
finish this and put up in the room for my girl when she comes home from school ... surprise :)
4. Gloves ... DONE
nice, compfy and cosy but this winter is everything than cold :D
5.  PJs for my little one ... DONE
Almost done my longtime promised pjs
I made these and two other tops for the girls 

7. Modern Stitching Bee Quilt .... not yet
I am really sad about this as I am still waiting for blocks but will start to finish the next days
4 out of 7 is not so bad! My girls are  happy to have new pj's and I am with my new quilt. Thank you Katy for hosting a wonderful year with great tutorials! 


  1. You did well. Hope your sewing mojo returns and that everything is okay.

  2. You really did do well A. I can't wait to see your bee quilt and I love the hexies!!

  3. That same little girl embroidery was my final finish for the quarter. Well done on all your finishes!