Friday, 23 January 2015

Schnitzel and Boom Swap

I love swaps! It always gives me the oppertunity to try something I usually would not make. This was the third round of this swap but the first for me.  It was also the first time I did a swap on Instagram. It is different to the other ones and there are still some things I need to get used to but it was a great adventure.

There are 950 participants in this swap so we got seperated in different groups. I was in group MofABriawna and it was fun. It was a little more quiet than the swaps I used to participate but that has do do with me not following all in the group. The first email inculded my partner and I had to laugh out lout when I read her name: Anneliese! Yeah, me and my partner shared the same name! How fun is that? The rest I had to read over and over again. Let me show you what she wrote:

Fabric Likes: ......., metallics, batiks, black and white, coral, pale blue, all of the greens in the universe

Greens? Greens! Lucky me homework can be boring so I took out all the magazines and books I had included my green fabrics and some batics I had in stock and started searching for the right pattern. I also used a colorwheel to find a complimentary color to give the greens a little splash.

When I found the Dresden template I knew this is it going to be. I made stripes out of three greens and one orange, cut a freezer paper template for the Dresden and started cutting. After I made the corner on the Dresden I put them together in order so the orange is "walking" outwards.

I love this bird sitting on the wheel. I quilted in rounds in four different colors: red, yellow, green and grey leaving the peaks floppy on the background. I used a FQ of batic blue I had but it was slightly to small for the dresden so the corners now are on the binding which I love.

The only struggle I had was the label. I usually forget about them but this time I tried to use the ones Ali designed. I cut a piece of freezer paper and ironed some fabric on top. It went throught the printer but the sounds were quite scaring. The printer survived and half of the label looked great. The other was wonky! I cut the label in half and put the upper (good looking part) in one corner and wrote on an other piece of fabric for the other corner. I hope my partner don't mind :D

This morning, when my phone woke me up there was the big surprise! Whyle I was sleeping this little mini arrived at Anneliese's house! I was so pleased to read all the comments. I have to thank everyone as this was quite out of my comfort zone. I am so glad she likes it! Thank you for being my partner! I really like what I made :)

This is my first finish of FAL 2015 and I am glad to have something to link up with crazy mom quilts


  1. That is lovely! And I love the points overlapping on the border too!