Thursday, 29 January 2015

Work in Progress ... or so

There is not much sewing going on in this house at the moment. I had great fun yesterday going to my son's school and making cinamon roles with his class. It took the whole morning but there was also a lot of time waiting while the dough was resting. I was prepared therefore and had my knitting with me. After three days one sock is almost done and the other one already started. These are so fast and she is happy with the fitting :)

no, I did not put the needle there!
There has also been some shopping the last weeks and finally it is all here. My son chose white and blue for his birthday quilt and I have to cut a million squares now. It is going to be awsome ... if it works out :D so wish me luck (I see myself doing the same procedure as last year: quilting at 2 am on his birthday)

If I will ever find time there are some more fabrics I can use  .. I don't know what for but am sure there will be the perfect project one day :) I can start this weekend as my little one is invited to a birthday party and I like to make her a pencil case or just a zipper pouch. 

The last fabrics arriving here might be perfect for a pillow for my little one. Just as long as she is small enough and not asking for cool stuff.

I have a lot of plans the next days including a lot of rugby and taking pictures in action! Happy weekend :)


  1. da hast du dir ja einiges vorgenommen! ich bin gespannt, wie alles fertig aussieht! :-) lg kathrin

  2. Love that fabric for a pillow. The navy one with the hot pink is gorgeous!