Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Birthday party again

Last week I showed you the wide open pouch for the birthday girl on Friday. Today it is all about the birthday girl on Saturday. This lady turned 8 and is in class with my little one. You know, the one who is promissing pouches to all the girls for their birthday. So I had to sit down and make an other one but to be honest, I love them. I made a flat pencil case using two economic blocks got in a swap a long time ago. This time it was about fashion: a pretty dress and nail polish! Isn't that perfect for a little lady?

For the inside I used some polka dots. I think they are always perfect. I did a little quilting on the front using a varigated pink thread. This is still one of my favorites and I just love the effect it gives.

We did not put lots of sweets inside but pencils so she can use it straight away. I was so pleased when I got the text message from her mum saying she loves it! This is the best compliment I could get!