Saturday, 14 February 2015

Foggy Ireland

I have to say this winter was mild and nice. No frozen pipes! no closed schools! There was only one day in November, when the boys had a match, it was so foggy, it was hard to find the ball. It was strange not seing from one end of the pitch to the other but the boys had fun. Last week I went down to the beach to find this ...

On a normal day you can see over to the other side of the bay but this day you were trapped in fog. The same as today. So when we left Galway this morning to go up to Claremorris for the girls blitz we were arriving here ...

The girls had fun but I always forget how wet the ground is in these conditions. Of course my shoes were soaked in minutes but who cares! We had a great day and when we came back to Galway the sun was waiting for us :)

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