Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Sometimes you need a break and guess what: here it is! The children are of school (but not all other activities) so there is not much time for sewing. Actually I try hard to finish the birthday quilt for my son (which I just started) but today after one block I took my girl and let her make the "City Gym Shorts" herself. I already had the fabric cut. She had to chose a second one for the binding and than we could get started. 

It did not take long until I broke the needle. Unfortunately I only had a jersey needle left but this one did fine. We need to get new ones tomorrow but today someone desided to stay on the sofa and have a good rest.

The rest came together nicely. She was so happy that she tried them on and dit not take them off again. She was asking for short pj trousers some weeks ago and it looks like we found the perfect pattern therefore.

I love the pattern. It is straight forward and easy to follow. This short was made in such a short time that she did not have time to get bored or exhaustet. Wonderful! 

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