Monday, 17 January 2011

Sunny Sunday in town ...

Yesterday we took just a girls day and went into town and tried to shop some things. So we went into a lot of shops and it was just fun. We tried some clothes, looked for a buttercup (big enough to fit the butter) and bought some sewing stuff (ribbons and fabrics). After a long walk and tired feed we decided to get some sweets and because I read on an other blog about it, we had a look in the "Tea House". It was a "Wow!" when we stepped in. It loookes so beautiful and the best thing was a table full with coloured cupcakes, scones and cakes. It looked so delicious! We just bought 6 cupcakes in lovely colours and of course my little girl chose the ones with glitter on :)
I am sure I will be back on Friday for an enjoying teatime after the visit to the library. I have to show you some pictures of the interior. It looks so nice there and the girls will like it!

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