Friday, 19 October 2012

#quiltphoto (sunny)

I had a lovely day today starting at the library in school. I volunteer there every now and than. Today I was in for the 6th class and after the senior infants. The little kids are so gorgeous when they come in to pic a book. Adorable!

They are so lucky in the school to have this huge amount of books they can chose from.
After school we went to the library in town. My little one loves the letterbooks now that she starts reading on her own so we had to change "my c book", "my K book" and "my j book" to "my s book", "my e book" and "my o book". It helps her a lot to learn reading and with the phonics. So we just had a little "sunshine" when we went back. It is not that easy to find the sun these days.

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