Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween and #quiltphoto (next to your machine)

Today is Halloween! We only do this since we are in Ireland but I heard friends are doing it in Austria as well now. Normally you should look scary but the little one only wanted to be a cat. I love it! She looks so gorgeous in her pink pussy suit and she enjoys it so much. We also did a great painting this year and at least this evening she looks like little kitten. We had to do the face painting at lunchtime but it looks still great now in the evening. Just the lips I left for after dinner.

Today Rhonda asked for next to my machine. As the machine is on the dining table it always has to be put away for dinner. So usually the machine is under the table. But if it is on the table I use the space on the left side for my coffee/tea and the pincushion. Also my notebook and scissors (the seam ripper is hidden behind the cup). Behind you can also see the tin for my scraps when sewing. Oh yes, there is also a sushi stick. This one was great when turning the handles for the tote bag :)


  1. Ein Lieblisches Katzchen!

    Ok, I give in, what a cutie!

    and I think I may just recognise a mini pin cushion lurking there? maybe...