Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mouthy Stitches and #quiltphoto (not done)

Today it was a day full of sewing and finishing. First I finally finished my tangram mug rug. It should have been sent of weeks ago but somehow there was not time to make it. Never sent a mug rug to the big sister and don't sent anything for the brother so he will get a "donkey-wellie" mug rug.

After I took my time and started to finish the Mouthy Stitches tote bag. I only can show the front and just a fast peak because it is to late to make lovely pics and I am to tired. So this is for my partner and I just hope she loves it. If not, I will have a problem ....

The last thing for today: the quiltphoto! What I have not done! Hmmm, a pic from something I did not do? To be honest: There are lots of things I did not do ... hovering, washing, sleeping, dancing, ... but how do you make a pic of things you did not do? So I just picked something next to me ... I did not knit today! I need to get on otherwise I will have frozen hands this winter too ...

knitting with my girls maroon/white wristband when the Galway Hurler were in the Final
This is post 251 and I wanted to do a give away for 250. It is Rhonda's fault! I was not thinking of posting every day .... so there will be one coming up the next days!


  1. I'm sure your partner will love your tote - it's gorgeous!

  2. Ooo! Loving the mug rugs and your tote is looking great!

  3. diese tasche MUSS man doch mögen, ach was: lieben!

  4. Wir lieben unsere Mug Rugs :-) danke dir nochmals :-)