Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scrappy Swap and #quiltphoto (triangles)

Yes, I did it! I joined an other swap. I get addicted to swaps! I love swaps. Not because I get something real special. I love to make all those things, play with design and fabric, try new ideas and at the end there is someone who hopefully loves what I made. So this time I joined the Scrappy Swap organised by Flutter from.Kat. I could not resist. Just a little thingy and lots of scraps. Isn't this great? First thing to be done was of course an other mosaic....

my mosaic for Scrappy Swap
I love how the colors pop out and text fabrics are just so brilliant! When I started to commented on the other mosaics I found the one from quilty doings and could not trust my eyes. Have a look maybe you can see it too ...

scrappy swap
#quiltphoto: no 7 is my HST mini quilt - first attempt on triangles

Did you spot it? Between all this lovely quilts is my little HST mini quilt! I am so overwhelmed. This is the first time someone else put a picture of my little things in a mosaic. I am speechless! Thank you so much!


  1. It's fun, isn't it? Lovely stuff in your mosaic too! Congrats on the HST highlight :)

  2. Swaps are kind of addictive aren't they - your mosaics are lovely too!