Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Q1 Finish A Long 2013 ...

Oh no! Es fuehlt sich gerade an, als waere die Zeit abgelaufen und ich habe nicht geschafft, was ich mir vorgenommen hab. Tja, der Enthusiasmus am Anfang des Jahres war wohl ein bisschen zu gross und so wird die Liste fuer Q1 vom Finish A Long2013 wohl gleich fuer das zweite Quartal uebernommen werden.

Na gut, dann mal los! Das war die Liste am Beginn des Jahres und nun heisst es Farbe bekennen....

Oh no! I feel like nothing has been done and time had run out. It is April and time to sum the first quart of the year with the Finish A Long 2013.  
Ok, so lets face the list and check what was done ...

1.) Finish the quilt for my little one - DONE
I am soooo happy! I can not stop smiling! It is done and she loves it. She does not go to bed without her quilt!!!

2.) make the other mitten - FAIL
I did not even start. Looks like the winter was not cold enough for knitting

3.) Finish the quilt for a friend - FAIL
I made some more blocks but I only have half done. So this will go on to the next quater

4.) my Stash Bee Quilt - FAIL
It still looks the same. I only took it out once to have a look a the size and if I want to add some more blocks. Not much?!

5.) finish the gloves - FAIL
I started to hate them! Really! The more I knitted the less I did not like them. Maybe I will try them next year again but they just did not feel right so I undid the knitting ...

6.) Finish the kindle cover - DONE
I did finish the kindle cover and it works fine. I love the pockets inside to put the ear phones and the charging cable in.

So that's it! 2 out of 6 done. There were some other things that have been done the last months as Bee blocks and table runner/mini quilts and just fun things! So it was just a slow quarter snuggling on the sofa! Time for spring to appear!


  1. Hey...little one got her quilt and can sleep comfortably now, no?! Progress has been had! Great job!

  2. Isn't it funny how projects seem like a great idea, then we tire of them? Your quilt is a gorgeous finish! Smile.

  3. The quilt you have made is beautiful - love the Kindle cover too!

  4. The quilts are beautiful. even the unfinished one. And the finished one is seeing good use and much love. So all is well, ;-)

  5. Now now - no fails! The Kindle cover is amazing!