Friday, 12 April 2013

Q2 FAL 2013

Es wird Zeit sich um die noch immer herumliegenden UFOs zu kümmern, die endlich einmal weg müssen. Was für eine tolle Gelegenheit dabei auch noch von so tollen Bloggerinnen motiviert zu werden. Damit beginne ich meine Liste für die nächsten drei Monate des Finish A Long 2013.
It is time to talk about the UFOs around here and time to start finishing them. The last quarter was not so bad but there are still some lovelies which want to leave the house. So it is time for Q2 Finish A Long 2013 and this is my short list

- Quilt for a friend
it should be finished at the summer so I can bring it with me
- Stash Bee Quilt
I already have everything planed so just need to wait for the white fabric to arrive
- Make something out of these blocks
the right one should have been Rhondas UFO
- finish my gloves for next year
just need to find the pattern .. in which notebook is it hiding!!!
- make a pillow out of these grannies
I got them from a friend and it is time to finish this pillow

Not many UFOs on the list but I think these are enough. The weather is going to be nicer (oh yes, I am still dreaming) and there should be much more time outside. There are always some more things to be done and I have two huge plans coming up I want to realize  so there is still much more to be done!


  1. Lovely projects and a very attainable list - if you don't get totally distracted by a new project.