Monday, 13 January 2014


Do you ever get lost in the world wide web? When I saw Cindy posting about the meet up I did not have a clue that I never blogged about this Christmas present which never went on the travel. When I started this little place mat I had in mind to make it for a friend. The only problem was, I should have asked her before I started about her color preferences. When I told her "aqua and red" she straightaway told me, that are not her colors. Fine! I finished it anyway and love it.

I have never done so much quilting. It feels great! Thank you Leanne for showing it so many times and giving a lot of tips how to do.  Not only that I have managed it also the place mat feels incredible. The quilting gives a lot of stiffness to the piece and texture. I do not know how many lines I have been sewing taking care not to cross over but it took three bobbins to finish this one - that surprised me!

I used a variegating thread in aqua. It gives the grey background a lovely addition. For the back I used a white thread keeping it almost invisible so you can read the story (if there is one)

Kindl cover in skull, sewing case from May and my Grandfathers cigarette case which I love so much
This morning was a beautiful day so I finally could use the time when two kids are training to go down to the beach with the little one. We had a lovely walk and she was a great helper. The streets were really slippy and she was the whole way pretending ice skating and chatting I should not walk in high heels here. 

To be honest it was freezing cold. I really appreciate her help making this picture to show you the full size. She was really tough taking out her hands of the pockets. Thank you so much!

Now it is time to sit down and think about Q1 2014. There are some UFOs that want to be finished and some plans that need to become reality.


  1. The aqua and red look so nice with the grey background - love all of the matchstick quilting too!

  2. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Your friend is missing out :)