Monday, 20 January 2014

Bee a Bee

Last week it was all about being a bee. No, I have to disappoint you, I have not been a busy bee .. just making bee blocks for January. I have been so lazy that I forgot to make pictures of all of them. First of all there was the Modern Irish Bee. Ruth asked for gorgeous blocks in ash grey with 1'' scraps. The tutorial can be found at the Modern Irish Quilt Guild.

The Modern Stitching Bee was a bit more tricky. The center of the block should be scrappy blue surrounded by three wonky borders in grey, white and blue. Did you ever make a block the size 18.5 vs 24.5''? How big is your cutting mat? Exactly! Mine is 18 vs 24''.  So there was no way in cutting the block to the right size. The only thing I could do was putting the mat on the block and cut around. So sorry Katy but I hope you can fix this!

There was one more block I made but I was in such a rush to bring the envelopes to the post office that I did not make a picture. This block is for Sarah in Bee Blessed. I decided to use up all the "cabbage fabrics" and make at least one bee block a month for Bee Blessed.
Last week I have also been working on the EPP but I got stuck. I am not sure which of the two designs I should be working on. What do you think?


  1. Our Irish bee blocks are so pretty, aren't they? I'll start cutting for them tonight...and then will stitch my own this week. Yippee!

  2. Love your blocks and the "cabbage" one arrived today and looks fab too! Thank you for sending it!

  3. Love your blocks! You look like you did a marvellous job on both no matter what size your cutting mat.

  4. I'm sure they will be fine! Lovely job!!

  5. Lovely blocks, they look fantastic! Thanks so much, can't wait to sew them all together!