Friday, 10 January 2014

Trip around the world in "Cabbage"

This is what I call this quilt: "Cabbage"! Some already followed the story of this beauty on Instagram but the story started a long time ago. So come with me on a journey of fabrics. It all started with a fabric swap where I took two places. Nothing really dramatic. So I ask hub to bring me those two each one yard.

Really easy BUT I got only one fabric AND a bundle to make a specific quilt. And here we have the problem: the bundle is absolutely not mine (big flowers) and there was no pattern! Just a little tiny note what you have to buy extra and where to get the pattern. I do not tell you that it was very expensive and the minimum I would ask for spending so much money is a sheet with cutting instructions. There was nothing!!! So the bundle was put in the corner until a short time before Christmas when I decided to make my mother a birthday present. As I already made trip along blocks I thought that might not be that hard to figure out a whole quilt. I sat down and did some maths (I love that part) and started cutting and sewing. The first block came together really easy and it was faster than expected. I used some left overs of the squares to make a pillow with the kids.

I have to say the kids really had fun putting the stamp pad all over the hands. I was surprised the color war so soft on the fabric. So back to the quilt. The blue fabric should build the diamond and the border and this is how it looks like...

I have to be honest and the colors are amazing. Absolutely vibrant and stunning. I also admit the green is really one of my favorites. So if you ask now why this quilt got its name? The blue fabric is called Cabbage and it is a cabbage field in blue and green.

I am not sure if my mum would be impressed if I tell her these are not roses in blue and green so I just do not do so! As I wanted to have a reflection of  all the colors used I made a scrappy binding and I love it. It really rounds up the whole quilt.

Together with the blue border it is perfect. For the back I again used a fluffy blanket. I wanted to giver her something to cuddle into as she is always complaining about the cold weather. She is most of the time in the living room and the huge window lets the cold in especially in winter time. So now she has her own quilt to warm her up.

The quilting was kept very simple straight lines diagonally. I wanted to make an other spiral as on the pillow but it did not work out. The fluffy blanket got stretched even if I spray glued it to the batting. It was huge work to rip it and after some days I got the last kick and got motivated to finally finish it.

Nine days after the birthday the bundle now is finished to travel to Austria. She does not know that I sew and she has no clue that there is a parcel now with birthday cards from the kids traveling to her. I hope she will love it. My girl does ;)

Details to the quilt:
Name:  Cabbage
Made for: my mom
Fabric: Westminster Fassett
Size: Approximately70x72 inches.
Pattern: Trip Around the World using this tutorial with 3.5'' stripes


  1. Lots of hard work and a cosy quilt for your mum's birthday. Hope she loves it.

  2. I absolutely love the colors in this quilt!!!

  3. I would be horrified if my husband brought home bundle of big flower fabric too! Good for you for not only using it but for creating something beautiful for someone you love. It really is vibrant and you notice the colours, not cabbages.

  4. Fun story, beautiful quilt and I thik there is such a thing as cabbage roses so you nailed it all ways!!

  5. It turned out amazing!!! This is why I don't send Husband fabric shopping. He knows food, not fabric!! Lol but you certainly turned it around!

  6. I think it looks great! Love the scrappy trip layout with the central, repeating diamond. The colors are gorgeous. It will be loved!

  7. Love your cabbage! it is bright and vibrant. But, no, Mum does not need to know!- or are they cabbage roses?