Saturday, 4 January 2014

Q4 FAL 2013

I am totally lazy at the moment. The weather is crazy and does not help a little tiny bit getting me moving. So over Christmas it was terrible stormy and with this the natural light was almost not there. Not only that the daylight is fading at about 4 the whole days were grey grey grey not even with sunny spots. I had absolutely not motivation to sew but it is time to have a look what I managed to be done from this list

1. Modern Irish Bee Quilt - DONE
I had a lot of fun doing a photo shooting with this around in Galway. 

2. Modern Irish Quilter Quilt - DONE
Managed to finish it before Christmas.

3. UFO from Rhonda - NOT EVEN TOUCHED
no more words

4. Embroidery - FOUND IT IN THE PILE
and nothing more done

5. my boshi - Ripped it

No, this is not much and not sure if any of those make it on the Q1 list. I am happy with my quilt. Love to snuggle under this huge beauty and it makes me feel good.

Thanks to all the sponsors of the Finish-A-Long 2013  and thanks to Leanne for all the work. The tutorials you found are amazing and it is really fun to look around at all those finished projects!


  1. Why wouldn't you put them on the Q1 list? Do you have more for the Q1 list?

  2. I'm with you - the weather has made me totally lazy too! Loving your finishes, though :)

  3. It was a busy time of year. Two finishes - and nice ones at that - are a good success.

  4. These are both lovely, a good quarter in my books.