Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Modern Stitching Bee March

On Sunday I had time to finally dig into Bee blocks. First I had to finish the blocks for Annabella. Somehow the blocks did not do themselves so I had to make them. Annabella asked for "Gee's Bend inspired improv. square within a square blocks" - Log Cabin with a curve. 

Do not ask me how theI had already started the first one and if I would have measured both sides, the block would have been already done. I have no clue why log cabin feels like so much work and at the end they came together so easy.

I had to repeat some fabrics. I love blue but my stash does not really have a lot and green is so absolutely not my color. It was fun to make them and they should arrive tomorrow. So sorry for the delay! 
As the sewing machine was out and some time left I also made the blocks for Di. She asked for  "plus block with a scrappy low volume background". Low volume was easy to make but she also aksed for "fruity and jewel tones" which brought me back to the dictionary. To be on the safe side and after a little chat we decided to use a pink fabric for one block - this is really pink Rhonda!

For the second block I used a "Caribbean" blue/green. I think the color is a beauty and do not  know why it was on the shelf unused for such a long time. The block is easy to sew, straight forward and an absolute beauty. 

I hope you love your blocks. I really love the look of both! 
Two blocks done and two more to go. Looks like I am back on track ....


  1. Great blocks for the bees!

  2. I love that you had to look it up in the dictionary! I struggle with those colors too :) Your blocks are beautiful and your bee mates are lucky to have you.

  3. These are some gorgeous jewel tones! Lovely!!