Saturday, 15 March 2014

Some details to the nerdquilt

It took a long time but finally I found the cable to transfer the pictures I made from the quilt. I loved to play around with the blocks and so did my son. Just let me show you how his room looked like for February when I gave him one block after the other.

On the wall next to his bed we nailed the last piece of batting and stick block after block. When we came to row four there was no more space underneath so he just went to the side. The rook and the cube still look good but to read Einstein's equation you have to turn your head.

The quilt also got quite huge so basting had to be done on the kitchen floor and therefore everything else had to be removed or put to the side. There would be a bigger space in the living room but there is a carpet and it somehow feels not as good as taping the back to the ground.

It was a cold evening when I started quilting but after some rows it good quite warm. For the back we used a grey blanket he chose as we could not find any fleece in a lovely color that would match the front. Baby blue and beige was not really an option so we were glad that we could find a blanket that suited in color and softness.

And the equation was back in the place I had it planed. He did not really learn it in school till now and I am pretty sure he has no clue what it is about but he will find it out later. So my hope is on that the quilt will still be in style when he gets older.

He also might not have seen it till now but I pus some hugs and hearts in as well. I am still the mum so I am allowed to do so :)
Today was one of the first times the rugby was held in sunshine and it was not really cold (The last week I was walking around the pitch quite fast to stay warm while the kids had training) and so I took the opportunity to make some pics. The girls had a training session on the side pitch and the boys were playing Ballinasloe. They had a great time and I could enjoy the sunshine!