Thursday, 6 March 2014

Triple Zipper Pouch Swap

I did it again! I took part in a swap but with all the sewing for my boy I did not really take part in all the conversations. Unfortunately I was late in sending out as well but now it is all done. I already made these triple zipper pouches when they first appeared in blogland but I never made one for myself. Now I am a happy triple zipper pouch owner :) So this is what I made for my partner:

I used some of my favorite fabrics and hope I took the right ones. I love the pigeon fabric and this was the first time I ever used it. The bubbles are just gorgeous. Also the frogs came in use for the first time. I should stop hording fabrics and do what they are bought for: USING! The zippers are different sizes but I tested: my hand fits in all those pockets so I hope my partner does not mind. 

I also received my pouch and I am so delighted with it. Bright colors and the piecing in the bottom is just gorgeous. She also sent me an pin cushion and some ribbons. The pom poms are already planed to be in use for something for my little girl. She just did not tell me what for til now. There was also some chocolate which I already .. no, I did not eat it ... hid for Easter! Thank you so much my dear partner! I love it!

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