Thursday, 27 November 2014

Falling Hexagons

It was a long time ago that I wanted to make a quilt out of hexagons. I had many plans how to make it but it was only some weeks ago that I made the final desicion. At the end I changed my mind again but now it is done. I have my hexagon quilt!

Salthill, Galway
It took a long time to burry all the threads from quilting and my time table was totally a mess as I underestimated how this will take. I also removed the FMQ quilting I had done as a border. I did not like it at all. Not that it was my first try and it was just not good it also did not match all the straight lines with the curves.

I used pink and aqua varigated thread around the hexagons and a yellow to add a diagonal line. To emphasize the last line falling out I added straight line getting wider at the end using all three colors. This is the first time trying to add a picture with the quilting.

I am happy how the quilt came together. It will be a cosy fluffy one for the living room now when the days get colder. Therefore I used fleece which my girl chose for the back (now my sewing machine is pink too). It is a heavy and comfy quilt.

Waterwheel, Galway

I am so happy as this is my second finish on the FAL Q4 list. Only some more and I get the jackpot! Now I have to hurry and get on going on the pillow for the Irish Quilter Swap and I have to finish the tutorial for my bee block for December!

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  1. good job girl ! Nice finish ... now keep the mojo and finish some more :D

  2. Looks great - congrats on a gorgeous finish!